I spent quite some time building up a respectable bankroll. Hard work and consistent play is what made it happen. I went from a $200 first deposit to $4500 in a month (yes, I play every day).

However, in the span of two weeks, that bankroll has vaporized to just over 10% of what it was. Have I changed my play? No, not any more than any other player would in order to keep people off balance. I play SOME cash games, but mostly 18-man $60 SNG tournaments. They have been my bread and butter.

I have made it a point to always go in with the best hand as often as possible, and I don't generally shove pre flop unless I'm short stacked, or somebody tries to bluff me when I have AA, KK or AKs. I play more like a pro that doesn't want a full blown confrontational coin flip every hand I go into.

I don't use software, so I don't have stats to show you. Believe, I play tight, especially in tourneys. I make mistakes in cash games, but overall I'm a break even online player (much better at live games). It's the donkfest in tourneys that's really been grinding me down lately.

Yesterday I had AA cracked 9 times in a row AFTER the flop. And that was after a big 3 bet was called by my opponent, and it was clear as day that they missed the flop, or had a weaker pocket pair. Add to this the never ending string of dominant hands I go in with only to constantly get rivered like it is nobodys business. I can't tell you how many times my AK and AQ have gone up against hands like A5, K9, K6, Q10 and Q3 only to get rivered by the low card, or have a 4 flush get laid out for the villain so he can win with with a 6 high backdoor and cripple me for the rest of the tourney.

Small pocket pairs get counterfeited relentlessly, turning them into my favourite - a "pack of socks" (that's 3 pair for those of you that don't get it) When I do get a hand like QQ and go in against a JJ, the board provides a split pot by laying out a straight!

Frustrating is not the word to describe it. Incredibly, I have kept myself from tilting, but it has not helped to maintain a strong level of play... It just keeps going wrong. Wrong enough that it defies "variance". Even to someone that understands the concept and is willing to accept it.

It's almost like people KNOW they are beat, but don't care and shove it all in anyway hoping for a miracle... Well, I'm the poster boy for that play!

Now, normally I would accept my bad beats, but lately it seems like I'm playing at tables with REVERSE implied odds. I can't even say that I'm running bad, because I truly believe that my opponents are falling for my betting strategy and then getting immensely lucky in the end.


Are the players here truly that poor? Am I giving too much respect to the talent here? Should I be doing the same thing and shoving like a maniac "Kill Phil" style?