To the table, I guess. I just found this through I have a decent understanding of the game, but considering my skills at the casino are obviously under par, there is much room for improvement. It's not like as soon as cash gets involved I lose my sense of the situation on the table, as I have cleared tables and won pots before, but it's quite apparent that there are a lot of seasoned players out there in this crazy world we live in and they are a lot better than I am. This will have to change, hence my journey here.... I don't know if I would like to go pro, but one thing is certain: I love this game. Calculating probabilities and pot odds, using a sixth sense of empathy while creating a barrier to guard against prying into my emotions, watching body language, interacting with people, competing to see who is the better player. It is an amazing and quite possibly a great metaphysical experience. I'm not sure how many people can agree, but the possibility of such things is out there, I guess. Only time will tell. Obviously, this isn't going to happen over the net, but I'm hear to learn, not to interact with people that much. If you see me in a table, feel free to say hi. I don't bite... okay, that's a lie.