I recently joined pokerstars in january after a score in a promotion freeroll. £1000 pounds to be precise, which was pretty nice for me, at the time. I managed 5th in a $5.50 turbo for $1300 soon after..Anyways ive been grinding the low limit MTTs on stars since. In the last 6 weeks i must have had about a billion min-cashes, but keep busting in the final 100 or so, very frustrating at times.
             After a mix of being "donked out" on a great number of times,and some pretty horrendous play on my behalf, i have nothing in my account for the first time  its like a kind of emptyness! im sure some of ye know what i mean :-D Im now debating on how much to deposit or if i should just save up big time for the SCOOPs?.. Anyways i just thought id share my poker experiences with y'all. Also if anyone has some good ideas/experiences with end of MTTs i would really appreciate it.. Cheers for reading