You know people talk about bad beats (obviously since that's all that I have on my other 2 posts) but what I don't understand is how you can keep playing.  I built up my bankroll playing small stakes, picking my spots trying to stick to good hands, and I'm broke.  Not because I was playing above my limit, I was playing 2cent |5cent.  But because I had to reload 10 times!  I know on my others I'm ranting about getting my money in good in tourneys, but here it's a cash game and guys are still shoving and calling with nothing!  I didn't actually get pissed until the last one that broke me, I had flopped top 2 pair (A J 7 rainbow) and he comes in for a 3/4 pot check raise.  I was thinking well, if he has a set, he's got me and go all in (just over the pot).  He snap calls with Q 10 off.  He gets 9 then 8 for the straight. 
So seriously, how do you keep playing?  If he turned over 77, JJ, AA, AK and hit the K, or something like that I wouldn't have been happy about loseing, but I would have thought "bad luck/bad move we'll see next time" 
I was so frustrated that I donked out of the PSO skill league tourney I was playing (yes I donked, it was a stupid call pre, then a worse call after the flop, I got what I deserved). 
You know, when guys out play me, I try to take it well and congratulate them, really, I do.  The first re-load I had to do, he outplayed me 2 times (I moved after, didn't want to give him all my money).  I said well played, and vnh. 
I kept telling myself, that as long as I was sticking to playing smart, then I should come out ahead, but it really doesn't seem to be the case.  Each of my other realoads were due to guys trying to buy the pot and hitting magic or calling with long shots and hitting.  And people say things like, "well if you got lucky you wouldn't complain" honestly?  I don't do those plays, I don't take the 16% percent chance for all my chips/cash hopeing to hit running cards or a gutshot. 
And no, it's not a lot of money, but the money isn't the point.  I know the variance in the game is high so people have these runs, and people say, "in the long run."  But so far in the long run, playing small stakes and tourneys I'm down $300.  In the long run, staying tight aggressive, trying to play the way I read about and watch isn't working.  At that point it's not fun, it's not entertaining, it's an excersise in frustration. 
So my question to the other players, (many of whom I admit are better than I) is how do YOU keep playing?