No matter how good you are or what the situation is, the only thing that really matters is what the cards are.  I got my money in good 8 times today, and every one of them lost.  Two guys called all in with gutshots and hit (no they weren't shorstacked and neither was I), I made two good reads and called the all-in of the same guy, both times he only had backdoor outs; he hit running cards both times, I made 2 sets and had them cracked and the last was pocket J's he flopped a set of 9's.  With the exception of 2 hands, they were guys doing stupid moves and winning anyway.  So what do you do when this happens?  Keep going figuring the next tourney will go better (never mind I just bombed 8 in a row with the best hand) or start playing like they do?  I'm usually knocked out (or cripppled) by the maniac, so is playing for all your chips with only a 16% percent chance of winning the way to go?  Hell when I'm a 84% favorite I can't win, so what do you do?