I have been a player on pokerstars for two years and have only now joined the pokerstars school after several whines about bad beats but I am aware that in many of these cases i should'nt have been in the hand to begin with therefor to improve my game i shall not only stop whining but i will take notes and examples from games to hopefully improve my game.

5 card draw

I am firstly aware that poker school at least as far as i am into it (begginning) has no 5 card draw segment however seeing as i can play all the games and that my main problem was being to loose early in a tournaments especially of late i thought after reading up on multiple table tourney section would be a good start and used what i learned straight away.

Now just to say! before we get semi tech I know how to play poker I know the logic behind it sadly when you play alot it gets lost along the way and im not ashamed to say over time i have lost respect for my own play and poker in general and it has shown with the money i have lost the last two years that is why i have decided to start from scratch as far as my thought process's go. I hate to use the words reborn but sadly i can think of nothing better!

I have entered a $1.10 NL draw game with 459 players top 60 paid 1st prize: $89.09 

tournament: 710760651

I am happy to say that within 7 hours i managed to win the tournament i admit that i had started a few hands that played themselves for example starting with a flush on several occassions.

In general i was very tight early on and on two occasions managed good bluffs however i did try tokeep them to a minimum and played basic tight poker until the blinds were 3000 /6000 from then on I became much looser choosingto raise with almost anytwo pair i started with except for when it was raised in front of me.

I would like tosay that themain hand I played that changed the tournament for me was a great play however i simply hit a queen high fush against the chip leader who had a Jack high flush all in all I played well and sadly i have no hand analysis specifically because pokerstars has emailed my hand history to my old email address :p still I believe this blog itself has helped me play better as I really didnt want to write here that i shoved with a pair of queens mid to early in the tournament heres to more win hip hip hooray lol.