Well what can i say. From being disgusted with myself to achieving more than i have before this has got to be the most topsy turvy month i have played in poker.

It started quite normal. A few league games and i'm up in points but my head isn't really in the game.

To be honest my head hasn't been in the game all month and i think that is where the problem has been. I haven't played my A game period but somehow i've managed to come up smelling of roses.

The micromillions has got to be the low point of the month. I entered a few $3.30 and below tournaments but didn't really get anywhere. The one cash i got before the final sunday was let down by the fact i let my bad beats at other tables affect my play so i didn't cash anywhere near as well as i should have.

The final micromillions day was a bust overall and i was totally disgusted with myself. In the $11 sunday storm/micromillions event i was unlucky but after review i let myself down. I think i was UTG with pocket JJ's. i raise it up and it get's reraised with 1 caller. I call. Flop comes 10 high. One guy made a big bet and i smooth called him but the 3rd guy re-raised. now the next guy shoves and i figure i'm ahead and call. It turns out the guy who went all in had 910 and the other guy had AJ. Needless to say the A on the river had me absolutely raging. The AJ hand shouldn't have been there and i was unlucky. But on reflection with the action pre-flop and it being so early in the tournament i should have folded and avoided the situation altogether.

Lesson probaly not learned i heads into the main event. Another early bust out and so far i'm $33 down with nothing going for me. I enters the $3.30 event and starts getting a good run. At one point i'm in the top 60 with over 50k in chips. Once we make the money i chip up to 150K plus. I'm sitting pretty to ladder up substantially but as has been the case all month my head wasn't in the game and i certainly wasn't playing my A game. A bad beat seeing my AA cracked and i'm back down to 80k chips and i lost the plot. I managed to cash for just over $15 but i was thoroughly dissapointed at what was essentially a missed opportunity.

Now earlier in the month i decided that i would try to get 150VPP's for once. I figured i only needed to get 5 or 6 per day in order to achieve it. I dipped my toes into the murky waters of zoom and found i could make them quite quickly even at 2nl.

Now i know most of you are thinking 150vpp's is nothing but let me put it into context. On a good month i top out at 40 vpp's. An avg month is between 20 and 30 vpp's so this is a big leap for me.

partly because of the micromillions, partly because of life i end up on the last day of the month 60 points shy of the 150 needed. My bankroll is $28 at this point with £30 in my GBP account. In a moment of madness i decided to go for it.

Now my league month had taken a nosedive and i was safe from the drop but out of the cash. So 10 minutes till the final tournament of the month i decides to enter the tournament and shoot for my 150 VPPs. So i'm needing to average 15 vpp's per hour as there's only 4 hours left and i need to finish 16th or better in the tournament to get enough points to cash this month. For me this is pretty much a done deal that i'm not gonna do either but i've already thrown caution to the wind.

So my BRM out the window i start off opening 4 5nl zoom tables for the min buy-in. The first hour goes by and i get a bad beat in the tournament. I doubles up early on but my AA is cracked in a sick 3 way pot and i'm down to jst over 2k. Not the ideal position with 101 left in the tourney and needing to finsih 16th. The cash is going better though and with 2 rebuys i'm sitting with around $30 between the tables and i earn 16 vpp's.

Seeing that i'm hitting my target i decides to make use of the 5 min tourney break and actually take a break from the tables. i go outside for a smoke and relax and then it's time for hour 2.

The next hour sees pretty much no change. Still sitting on around $30, made 15 vpp's so target met and still on just over 2k chips with around 40 to go in the tournament.

Another break and it's hour 3. Now this hour was interesting. I started getting hammered in the cash tables. Rebuy after rebuy see's me eating into my reserve pot and by far the sickest beat was when my KK got called off by Q9os for a $16 pot. 4 card flush seen my chips move over and another rebuy. I'm still in the game though and i make 20vpp's this hour although my head is a mess from the massive downswing and it's safe to say i'm tilted pretty big style at this point.

Somehow i manage to not let it effect my tournament and by break time i'm still sitting on just over 2k but now we're down to 18. Only 2 more players and i make a dodgy points score where i don't quite know if i've cashed or not.

Hour 4 and the tournament ends for me. After a few double ups but then blinding down again i manage to score a 15th place finish giving me the points i need for a min cash in the league. That's one of my target's met and i'm quite chuffed.

Now i need 10vpp's in the last hour of cash and i need to try and do it without going completely bust. i takes a break to clear my head and give myself a ticking off for tilting and come back a little calmer but still nervous about losing all my cash.

Hand after hand ticks away and playing slightly loose but not too loose. Finally i start hitting some good spots and making the vpp's. with 15 minutes to go i do it. I hit my magic vpp milestone of 150 and this is a great feeling but i'm stil over $35 invested into the cash games with only around $10 in my stacks. I takes another quick break and come to a decision.

I'm going to play super nitty and not leave until i get $10 per table. So 30 minutes later i've closed my first table taking $14 with me. Another 15 minutes and i've closed a 2nd table taking just over $10 with me. I transfers a little bit to my gbp account and that's back to where it was.

Now i've got $14 available so i'm just over $14 short of breaking back to even. Another 30 minutes of super nitty play and i picks up 10's with a $3.50 stack. The flop comes 88x opp bets i call. the turn comes a 10. I've hit 2nd nuts and i'm happy to check behind hoping for a steal attempt on the river. There's about $1.50 in the middle and i've got $2.80 or so behind. As hoped for he puts $1.50 so i insta shoves to take it down. Some how he finds a call and i've done it. I'm short of the $10 target on both tables but i've managed to get myself back to even so i decides not to push my luck and close both tables.

Well what can i say. A pretty bad month. But i've achieved things i've never achieved before and i think learned a thing or two along the way. I could have done better in the micromillions and i could have achieved my 150vpp's much easier if i dedicated myself a bit more.

So it's been a lot of ups and downs but i'm happy that i've got my vpp's and happy i still have some money to play with so i'm going to take a breather maybe for a couple more days and sort my head out.

Hopefully i'll return this month and make some improvements that will see me achieve my targets in a much easier and less stressfull manor.


Thanks for reading.