Well After suggesting that i'm not gonna make any more posts i think there needs to be one more.

Last month (may) saw me struggling in my mind as to how to improve my game. I though that by blogging i would make my game public and therefore be inspired to improve due to being reviewed publically.

Unfortunately the downside of this is your opponents tend to be the one's taking notice and using information against you.

I struggled at the start of the month posting daily blogs and soon found that i was having my game turned against me. Whether or not this was due to my blog posts or not i will never find out but airing on the side of caution i decided to close the blog and jst play the game.

Well i started letting the old mistakes back in but i had the best month every.

And i finally got my 1st ever tournament win on pokerstars. Fair cop it's a freeroll but still to finally win a tournament gives you such a buzz. And on the back of that i went on to finish in the top 80 i think and recieved my 1st ever league prize.

Sure i got $5 because of my vpp level but that is irrelevant. Over the last couple months i have turned my game around and now look forward to moving on up in the world of poker and hopefully i will be at a level to earn the right amount of vpps for the higher prize but also be able to take my game to the next level. This is my final post on this blog as i don't want to give my game head away but i will be starting a new blog charting my highs and lows as i battle to turn myself around and take this postive step forward.

Well guys gl to all of you and i hope to see you all at the table