Well guys thanks for reading my 1st effort at a blog.

Unfortunately i have to bring it to a close.

The purpose of creating this blog was to keep a daily record of my goings on so that i could publicly apply pressure on myself to improve my game.

Unfortunately it seems that my brutally honest approach has made it all the more difficult as my opponents in the premier league seem to be using my blog to play me in the league games.

I said in an earlier post that i was going to be taking a more passive approach to the early stages of league games with points in mind. Now i find that every time i bet i have the bb shoving me almost every single time.

Well today i retaliated with gusto. My first raise was with AQ from the button. The bb shoved me so i drew a line in the sand and said enough's enough. I snapped him off. Fed up of every single raise being shoved on. It turns out he had JJ. Definitely a playable hand but at this stage of the month not one youre going to see shoving from the bb at the start of a tourney too often. I hit a q on the river and doubled up. A short time later i pick up pocket K's. I raise and once again the bb shoves me. Only my 2nd raise of the tournament and it's a shove. I insta calls and he flips over Q10. Outrageous. I win and now sit on 7k. Thank you very much.

Well after my 1st tourney went badly i needed some points so i tightened up a bit but i've had enough so it's back to my origional play. And back to saying squat about how i play.

This tourney ended badly too but i picked up a couple points and i got it in with the best and was simply unlucky. AK hearts utg with only 3 or 4 bb's to my name so a shove and a call from the SB with A9off. 9 on the board (as expected tbh) and that's that.

Well folks hope those that have read have enjoyed. It's been good to pressure myself in this public way but i can't be having a blog telling folks how to play against me so it's my final post for this blog.

Any future blogs with be generic stuff.

Anyway farewell from me and thanks for reading.