What can i say. It's been a sick sick day at the tables.

Ok so my cash has profited for the 3rd day in a row. Looks like my brm tweak is reaping rewards.

But my stt's and mtt's have been quite horrific.

Bad Beat after bad beat has seen me sent to the rail in all tourneys today.

My last one was in the 27cent tourney where i had JJ preflop. I decide to call behind the raise and call. The sb calls. Flop comes 53,2. So theres a bet and i figure there's no-way he's on that board so i shoves. As predicted the or folds but unpredicted the sb reshoves. Flips over 54 and gets his runner runner 4,4 to bust me out.

Maybe i was tilted from my earlier sick beat. So i'm in the premier league and i'm not really getting much action. All my raises are being folded to, My c bets are seing folds and my limps aren't producing so i'm hovering around 4k chips. We go from 245 entrants down to 140 or so and i'm in the bb. Mp min raises and i decided to defend with my J7 hearts. The flop comes QJ7. Hooray 2 pair. Having limped preflop i check to the raiser. He fires a c-bet of 500. the same as his pre raise so i figure he's not holding QJ Most likely AA, KK, or maybe AK or AQ so i 3bet him, he shoves which makes no sense so i make the call. He flips over AA so i'm ahead. Of course the turn and river come's 2,2 to counterfeit my 2pair. Sick as hell but what can you do


Oh well tomorrow's another day but this is what i say every time