Ok so i should have went with my gut here but sitting around doing nothing jst ain't in me.

Full of cold, chesty cough and feeling like crap after a terrible sleep my gut was telling "not today, Your heads not right" but alas i registered anyway.

So i'm sitting muddling my way through a few games. My cash was going ok for a change, my stt's we're going nowhere and my mtt's we're jst a couple of min cashes.

So The tournament starts and straight off the bat my passive approach is gone. I'm limping with a wide range and leaking chips like crazy. I gets A8 Suited and raise from the button. The bb shoves and because a couple hands earlier the sb made the same move i somehow convinced myself that calling was a good idea. Nope. so the bb has ak and wins the hand. Luckily i had him covered but only by 500 chips so a few hands later my pocket QQ's are snapped off by A9 and 1st tournament is a bust.

Never one to learn a lesson quickly though i plod my way through the next few hours. couple early tourney bust outs, cash still good (shock horror) but nonetheless my head jst nowhere near in it today.

The next tournament comes around and i shouldn't even be thinking about registering but there i go. so we get's underway and i'm still limping away. all my raises getting reraised or shoved. So i tightened up a bit and then it happens. I get pocket QQ. now a player i know is relatively decent raised so i re-raised. He shoves. Now with a clear head i'm probaly gonna recognise that it's still early in the tournament, he's a decent player so is probably holding QQ, KK, AA or AK but nope. i snaps him off. He's holding AA and that's another early exit.

Well i hope i've learned my lesson and if still feeling crap tomorrow i tnk i need to take a day off