After reviewing my tournament play i decided a slight adjustment was needed.

I realised i was getting myself in too many situations early on in the tournaments and as a result found myself going out early too often. Normally the result of misplaying AK, AQ or high to mid pairs post flop.

So i've decided to tweak myself and play more passively in the opening hour to hour and a half in order to try and end the early finishes. So narrowing my range a bit and a lot less c-betting and draw chasing even if the odds are correct.

And the result. Well so far so good. 1st tourney of the day and after a slow start and at one stage having less than the bb i manage to wind up with a 14th place finish. A deep finish giving me a very nice points haul. 2nd tournament wasn't so good but by adopting a more passive style i managed to limit the damage. I avoided a couple of potential bust out spots so whilst 131/258 isn't the greatest result it could have been worse. Score calc had me losing 18 points with an early bust out but the passive approach reduced that to 8 points which is much better.

And my 3rd tournament of the day had me not really picking many hands up but i managed my stack and 30 or so players from +points i felt i need to jst switch to hyper passive mode in favour of grazing a point or two. As it turns out i didn't have much choice. Very few spots to steal blinds and very few hands in bad positions pretty much tied my hands. But with a couple of lucky double ups i managed to finish 60th i think and the result is another 10 or so points gained.

So the theory so far is that by adopting this passive opening style i'm reducing my risk of early finishes, tightening my game giving me better spots to win chips (or lose less) and ultimately putting a stop to my early finishes.

It's still early but i think this could be the month i finally get it right