Well today is a classic both ends of the spectrum day.

Personal life sees me battling a cold through 8 hours of working in a freezer and a painful rash on my neck but my poker day was topsy turvy to say the least.

Now hear me out on this but i'm bitterly dissapointed with my result last night. Out of the biggest PSL field i've played i ended up 37th. Not a bad result but it could have been so much more.

Wasn't seeing any cards for the first hour and a half and indeed i barely kept a healthy stack. Unfortunately i had to leave for work as the 2nd hour started but just before i did i managed to grap a few chips and a double up and went into the 2nd hour with between 5 and 6k.

The journey to work had me playin on my mobile whilst struggling to concentrate with all the kids on the train but it had to be done. As i arrived at work i still wasn't in the best of shape but i knew i had scored my first points of the season. The question was how many.

From my scoring calculator i knew that 217th place was the crossover into points and starting work with 9k stack and 114 or so players remaining i felt confident i must of had between 15 and 20 points so i had to close it down.

Of course the urge to know was killing me so 10 minutes into work i wasn't feeling too good so i snuck to the toilet, the opportunity was too good to miss so i whipped out the phone to see my stack had dwindled to just over 200 chips. 61 players remaining. I was quite pleased with that so i shoved my remainder in with A7o and to my suprise i trebled up. Next up was bb. i can't remember the hand but i got another double up. I folded the next hand but the hand after i got A10 and got it in against JJ. A A on the river got me up to 20k chips. I won another and all of a sudden within one orbit i've gone from 200 chips to more than 30k. I couldn't believe it. Alas i had to get back to work (although i was mighty tempted) but i managed to sneak a couple hands in and ended up with a classic AQ V KK flip. I Lost and that was me out in 37th.

Had i of had the time it could have been so much better but i suppose had i of had the time i might have gone earlier on one of the hands i didn't see. But still the 50 points i gathered was a welcome reprieve to the start of earlier months.

Well work finished and it's time for the 7am BST tourney. It starts as normal, a few decent hands but not much action. After 20 minutes i'm at just over 3k chips and i'm in the blinds with AA. There's a standard 3x raise before me so i treble it. He calls the raise and we go to the flop. I can't remember but i think it was 89Q rainbow. I pops a bet out just over half pot and he calls. 10 on the turn and for some reason i didn't see the straight but i shipped my stack. Villain snaps me off with a set of 10's .

So a decent result that could have been better (or worse) and a terrible result possibly the result of bad judgement on my part but still bad luck was there.

Hopefully the nxt couple of days i can shake this cold and really get my head together.

But for once it's a happy play day

Until nxt time.