hi all or any that read this my name is dan walding aka thenztitan like alot of you i am new to poker got the basics down won a few tourdemnts at my local pubs but this online world is crazy but i love it dont have a cridit card so playing in the playmoney world witch is mad crazy i am dislex so you will find lots of bad spelling and grammer for this i am sorry this blog is going to be lots of me venting afta bad beats and of course any thing i mite think will help when i pick up a win any way tonight is a vent   i just had in the first step of the big game tourdment i just played in first hand 3 players go all in on rags no big i had nothing so folded coulple of hands later i get poket 8s i raise i get re raised get good odds so i call flop 8 k5 ranbiow he gose all in i think he has trip kings i fold  he shows k5 he only had 2 pear and he calls a raise pre flop with k5 i mean relly this is not a good play dam so down to 10 bb left poket 4s a bit on tilt i push all in to stal the blinds mr crazy calls q3 bam q38 i am gone grrrrr i cant wate to get my cridit card so i can stop playing with these funny money donkeys