This rut I have been in cant me anymore frustrating. I played a few 1.20$ 6max last night, and won all of them. I got a few more dollars to spend. But I played some more 1.20$ 6max this morning to build. The month of bad beats turned into card dead city. I played 376 hands, encounting, today and not once did I get Ak AQ AJ KQ AA KK QQ JJ 10s K10. not one of those hands. And I was dealt over 376 hands. Its unreal They only good hands I have gotten. 99, 88, 77, 55, 44. I got 44 three times. Other wise everything has be terrible hands. I was able to steal some blinds, because I am hand selective which brings some merit to my raises, but I just cant hit anything let alone get a hand. This will be a long day. Frustration at its highest when I am not playing. edit: I was down to 385 chips. Kept getting 26, 73, Jrag. Finally I get AA. I push. BB calls with K10 of clubs. Hits runner runner to hit his flush. I Know this stuff happens, its poker. But its been so long. When will this end. Its insane. Absolutely ridiculous. This is getting out of hand. How can someone be this unlucky, for over a month. 39 days to be exact. Its hard to go each day not getting anywhere and having the bad beats and card dead swings out weigh any positive swings/luck in my favor. I even took 2 days off of poekr completely. nothing will work.