Hey guys, welcome to my blog. I was inspired by Boku87, like many others, by the way he plays. I have watched him many times. And his goal from going from 5-100k made me think, if I put my head to it, I can do it too. So I cashed out and started up with 15$ about 4 weeks ago. WIthin a week I got up to 125$. Good bankroll management helped. Multi tabled at .01/.02 along with .10 360 turbos until i hit 45$. Then i played 1.10$ 6max for a while, then multitabled 1,10$ 45 turbos, and 1.75$ 18 turbos. Played great poker, won a lot. Got up to the 125$, but since then i have been stuck. I got down to 30$ at one point. I hit a huge hole. I lost 16 1.75 18 turbos in one night. every one i played. I bubbled so many times, and had some terrible bad beats. Look at the bad beats section in the forum, and you will see all of the horror. Well i have been working little by little these 3 weeks still stuck. Finally I got out of the 40$-50$ range and am now up to 62$. Then I saw coffeeclubs blog, and his goal of 3k. i decided to do the same. now im playing a little session now. 2 1.10$ 45 turbos and 1 1.75$ 18 turbo. Really small session for me. But this way i can focus more First 1.10$ 45, busted early. Had QQ, raised to 80 (4x bb) and had one caller. flop was 5 4 3. He instantly pushed i was a little surprised, and after deliberating i called. he had 9 6 off. Idiot. But he hits a 7 on the turn, and hits a straight. Ridiculous. so Im down to my other two. On my one I am good in chips. 4k or so in the 1.10$ 45 just got out in the other one to miss the final table. Had Ac9c, and had been short stacked the whole time. dealer and sb call, im bb, i push. sb only calls. has A4..thank goodnes..........right? Not for me. I always get beat bad in these situations. He hit his 4, i wasnt surprised. UNREAL. so ill update every day or every couple days. If you guys even care lol. You can come say hi at the tables or whatever, im friendly. Good luck at the tables. Have better luck than me!