My goal is to give poker (NLHE, Omaha, etc...) a shot as a career.

I've played poker for a few years but the stakes were always small and the company mostly friendly during after work get-togethers. 

I was probably poor-average in my game play when I started but now, after a lot of online and computerized play, I've seen an improvement in my style and in the development of a passion for the game that is poker.

It's a long road to hoe, but I'm treating this as a journey and not as a race.  I've got a lot to learn.  There are thousands, maybe millions, of hands to be played before me on this trip.  I'm going to learn everything I can and play as much as I can. 

My expectations aren't high.  I'm not looking for wealth or fame.  Sure, it'd be the dream of a lifetime to win some big tournaments or score big cash, but there are millions of other dreamers out there too. 

I think I have a chance because poker requires a lot of the skills I have that don't seem to fit a regular 9-5 working lifestyle.  I love statistics, calculating the odds, doing math problems and making adjustments on the fly all in my head.  I've also got a great amount of skill in reading people, their appearance and their style of play.  I'm an expert in hiding my emotions too.  Not giving others a chance to read me. 

I'm blogging this adventure if for no other benefit but my own.  This is my diary of the journey. 

Today I start with nothing.  I can only improve from here.

Let the journey begin.