Congratulations to TJ Vancover for winning the April contest in the Live Training Club Home Games!  TJ played 13 out of the 14 available games during the month, but did not win on volume alone... his 13 entries included 4 wins and a 2nd place finish.  He had the highest average score of any player with at least half of the available games played as a result.  Very well done TJ! I have reached out to TJ via PM about setting up our Live Training coaching session.

In the mean time, I would like to run this same promotion again in May. While the fields weren't large last month, the competition was fierce and I'd like to give this a chance to grow.  As stated last month, I will experiment with changing things up a bit each time.  For consistency I think I would like to keep the start times the same for this month, which I hope will help grow the fields some.  Next month if we run this again, I will look at changing up the times.  So what changes will we see for May then?  Two big ones:

- I will set up 2 tournaments at each time slot instead of 1.  They will be different structures.  The goal here is to give you practice navigating different blind structures while multi-tabling.  Granted some of you already play many tables at once and as such this won't be any extra challenge for you.  But it's my hope that for those who currently only play 1 table at a time, this will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and add that 2nd table while providing a venue to do so that won't cost you any of your hard earned $$ while you get comfortable with it.

- This will create 24 tournaments for the month. I'm not a big fan of volume based leader boards, and with this many it might be possible for someone to accumulate enough total points to win with only mediocre results by playing all 24 games.  So for this month, the winner will be based on the highest average score instead of the total points.  The caveat is that in order for your average score to be eligible, you must play in at least half (12) of the games for the month.  We'll see how this works out.  This allows you to miss some days for whatever reasons and still qualify, while preventing someone who plays once or twice and wins from sitting on that high "average" to claim the coaching prize.

Will this work well?  We will see and learn from it.   If you can not play at least 12 games or aren't interested in the coaching session for whatever reason, please still do join us in the games whenever you like!  The more runners we get the better the practice time for all of us.

Same rule as last time regarding the coaching prize... in order to claim it you must be able to come on audio with me (you need a working microphone) and you must be willing and able to do it during a regular live training stream time.  Again, if you're not able to claim the coaching prize for winning the month, you are still welcome to play in the games with us as often as you like!  The prize will simply default to the 2nd place finisher.

One other note I feel I unfortunately have to make... we had a scare last month with the leaderboard in the home games club.  Two of the weekend’s games didn't update timely.  I reached out to Pokerstars and was assured they were working on fixing the problem and would update them once it was done.  I also heard in the PSO HGC this happened once before and the leaderboard wasn't actually updated until several days into the following month.  This time, we escaped any issue as Stars did get it fixed and updated prior to the final weekend, so all games were properly accounted for.  However... if we have an issue in the future where games are lost or otherwise not counted for whatever reason, I reserve the right to use my judgement on how to resolve it for that month. 

Any questions please post in reply to this blog or send me a PM!


PS:  If you are not yet a member of the Live Training Club and would like to join now, here's how:

- Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab
- Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button
- Enter Club ID number: 549129
- Enter Invitation Code: Lango123