The PSO Team Bounty tournament was quite a lot of fun... 124 runners entered the play money event in the PSO Community Home Game club, including many of Team PSO.  I ended up having a nice run in the tournament, making the final table but fizzling out in 3 handed play to finish in 3rd place over all. 

En route to that 3rd place, I was fortunate enough to pick up not 1, not 2, but 3 bounties for knocking off my fellow team members.  It's always extra sweet when you take out a member of the team, and taking out 3 of them for triple your pleasure was great.   I almost had a 4th team bounty as well getting all in vs. Gareth with AT vs K9 and winning, although he covered me by 200 and change chips, so I did all the work and someone else ended up with the 25 bonus point spoils.

Also, my good luck charm streak continues... I have played in 3 PSOSOP events and the player to bust me has won all 3. 

I am told since there is only 1 blogging bonus, I only have to post 1 of the hands... all 3 were fairly standard stuff imo, but I'll go with this one:

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner