Happy New Year  everyone!

Starting this month I am going to put out a blog entry highlighting what’s on tap in Live Training for the month.  The goal here is to help increase awareness, and thus attendance, in the live training sessions as well as video views of the live training recordings in the video archive.   Now that we are seeing a lot of newer members in the poker basics series and Daily Game, I am regularly hearing people say things like they didn’t even realize this learning tool was available.  So anything we can do to increase awareness is a good thing!

First of all, those of you who are regular attendees of live training will notice a decrease in the number of classes being offered in January 2013.  The reality of the situation is that attendance and live training video views has been consistent throughout 2012, but has not really risen.  While PokerStars remains committed to bringing you the tools to grow your game and succeed, they are also going to set budgets accordingly, and a lot of that is attendance and video view driven.   The Live Training team is committed to continuing to bring high quality coaching sessions to help your game grow, within whatever space is allotted us.   I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity!  Attend the live sessions when you can!  Watch the live training videos in the archive!  Help spread the word to your poker friends!  If you appreciate the value offered here, if you’d like to see more of it, show PokerStars by voting with your head count… attend live classes and watch the archived live training videos!  These metrics are measured and noticed.   And it’s good for your game.

So on tap for January here’s what will be coming your way:

Andy will be grinding and railing the Sunday Storm for his Sunday Special coaching on the 6th at 15ET.  It’s a fun time and a great gathering place for your Sunday poker day on Stars.   He’ll also be doing a couple member reviews later in the month in SNG’s submitted by PSO members for a Live Training review… a $1 45-man and a $1.50 27-man.

Chris will be completing a $4.50 180-man member review he began at the end of December, running a class focusing on strategies for the $3.50 rebuy 180’s, and also hosting a special promotional tournament on the 22nd at 16ET for The Million Club (stay tuned to the PSO forum for details).

Gareth will continue to run specialized topics in 6-max regular tables and Zoom action, and for his Sunday Special on the 20th will be playing and hosting the main events of a special promotional series that PSO will be running for members in January called the PSOTC!  This series will have both play money (US friendly) and real money events… details to be announced shortly in the PSO forums!

Andre will be hosting some TCOOP action for you in January!   He’ll be featuring the first round of the TCOOP $109 Heads Up on Saturday the 19th… heads up action with 5K starting stacks!  He is also going to play in the TCOOP Main Event for his Sunday Special on the 27th.  This is a $700 buy in tournament and he may offer PSO members an opportunity to sweat on a monetary level by selling shares for a portion of this.  Keep an eye on the staking forum for at PSO for this opportunity. 

I will be holding classes on MTT final table play featuring a short stacked situation and shallow money final table, another class on multi-way pots, a class on defending your blinds from steal raises (Security Alert!), and the Statistical Sleuth will come out again to help a PSO member with their 2NL Full Ring game.  I’ll also have 2 Saturday time slots at European-friendly hours, 15ET, starting on Saturday the 5th with another addition of You Make the MTT Call! Featuring preflop play in tournament action!

Felix will be opening his Betsizing School for you this month, as well as conducting an open coaching session for a PSO member in the latter half of the month.

Tyler will be joining us for the 2 middle Sundays in January directly before the Sunday Specials at 14ET to host his usual high quality NLHE Full Ring cash game coaching. It's a great opportunity to learn directly from a PS Team Online Pro!

For more information visit the Live Training section of the PSO web site today! http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/live-training  

Remember, there is no cost to attend these trainings, they are all free, brought to you by PSO and PokerStars…  and anyone can attend all live trainings, even the VPP restricted ones will allow all PSO members into the room as a viewer… the VPP restriction only impacts the ability to type in the chat box but all members can see and hear everything regardless of their VPP level.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.   I look forward to seeing more and more of you in Live Training in 2013.