Hi all,

I’ll be off for the next several days for the Christmas Holiday, enjoying time with my family and a bit of a break from the routine.   This type of break is something I don’t do often enough, and I think it’s important to recharge the batteries from time to time.  In my case I am teaching here at PSO, responding to hand analysis, working with students, playing for income, playing for recreation, reviewing my play (not often enough), and devoting time to my own learning and growth.   With the limited time I have to do all this it keeps me busy day in and day out and doesn’t allow much room to breathe much less take a break. 

I’ll be off starting on Saturday and back at it on Wednesday for my regular evening coaching here on PSO.   Remember that there will be no live training of any kind scheduled for Monday and Tuesday Christmas Eve and Day… that includes the Poker Basics series and Daily Game hosting.  

Thanks to everyone who has attended my live training sessions, and followed my videos here.  I appreciate the private messages and emails that come in from time to time with positive feedback on my sessions, the impact my training has had on your games, and hearing your success stories as your poker game grows and matures.  Getting good at poker is not an easy task, it’s hard work… if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  But it’s much easier to just fire up more games and go.   It’s much easier to blame bad results on the cards, the site, the other players, the poker gods, and anything other than our own selves.  So the effort to improve is hard work, but hard work pays off, and those of you who invest this time to study and improve, put your ego aside and open up your game and play for scrutiny, who strive to improve on a daily basis... you’re what makes this place tick as a learning institution.

Happy and Safe Holidays to you and yours, and I look forward to seeing  you after the holiday.