Hi all,

In the past it’s been suggested by members that we have a class where PSO members play a game, submit the hand histories to me for Live Training review, and I set them up so that all hands are shown.   While I think this would be an interesting learning format, as of yet we have not gone there due to the difficulty of the set up process… all hand histories would have to be collected, and edited so that the replayer will display all the hole cards.  Not an easy task to do by hand, nor a fast one, at a multi-player table. 

I now have a merge program that will take the PokerStars hand histories and merge them so that the line items necessary in the history to show each starting hand will be present, and would like to test it out.  I have seen it work for heads up games, but as of yet not tested on 6 or 9 handed tables, so I’m not 100% certain this will work, but am optimistic.   So I am going to solicit volunteers to give this a try.  

I would like to start with a Full Ring cash game, it will be play money in the Live Training home games club.  If you would like to volunteer to help with this, you MUST be willing and able to do the following:

- Save or get your hand histories to email to me after the session (please be certain you can do this before volunteering… if you aren’t sure how please attend one of the 20 minute “Getting Started” sessions in the Poker Basics Live Training Series… this class runs daily at various time slots and highlights, among other things, the various ways to get hand histories from the PS client).

- Play your “A” game at all times during the session (this will be the best to get feedback on your game as well)

- Be willing to have your hole cards revealed during a Live Training session.

If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved with, please email me at: Dave@mypokerschoolonline.com with the subject line “volunteer” and in the body include your PSO screen name and what days/times in general are good availability for you to play a session (1 hour maybe). I will make a list and organize a time for us to all meet to play a session.  I may get more volunteers than needed to fill a table, but will keep a list of everyone’s info to set up additional sessions in the future should this work, so If you do volunteer don’t be worried if you aren’t able to attend the first session time or otherwise don’t make it in… we’ll get you in eventually.   Also we won’t rush this, I know everyone is busy during the holidays, myself included… I would like to get a session done and ready in time for a January Live Training “All Hands Revealed” session so we have some time to bring this together.

To anyone that volunteers, thanks in advance for offering your help!  I’m hoping this merge program works and the hand histories will display successfully in the training tool… I think this would give us a nice new learning format to benefit from, both for the volunteers and all who attend the live training sessions.