I had a nice session at the local casino 1-3nl game on Friday night, despite a set back during the session where I got bad beat for a big pot… the player on my right who was playing about $150 opened for a raise to $13 after a loose limper, and I 3-bet him to $40 with AA.  When the action came back to him he said ok let’s go, and shoved the rest of his stack in.  Obviously I called.  I turned over my aces and he didn’t show his hand, but said “I’m crushed”.  The flop was ten high and now he said “I’m dead”.   Nice.   The turn brought a Q, to which he continued his play by play with “Oh I have outs”.  lol   Please no J dealer?   Boom… a jack rolls off on the river and now he shows his AK.  Nh sir, nh. 


So losing with AA to AK all in pre stinks, but it is what it is, no point in dwelling on it or you might miss other opportunities and if you let stuff like that tilt you, then you’ll end up creating bad spots for yourself. 

Keeping emotions in check, I was able to take advantage of a nice game (weak players) and end up booking a nice win.   And I got my share of luck back on a huge hand later in the night.  Here’s the details:

A weak player limped in, and with no one else yet in the pot, I opted to raise from the cut off to isolate him with 9c8c, making it $15 to go.  The big blind called, as did the limper.  The flop was kind of nice for my holding:  7s6d5h.  Both players checked to me and I bet $20, which I thought would look like a standard continuation bet to these opponents.   It’s very important not to slow play flops like this.  If I check, I lose a betting round of value against opponents who (in the BB case) liked to make moves at times, and who (in the limpers case) might peel with just over cards trying to hit a pair.  Plus, if someone has flopped a strong 2nd best hand like a set, I would like to give them a chance to check-raise me on the flop so we can build a big pot right now, before a 3, 4, 8, or 9 comes off the deck potentially scaring them. 

So I c-bet the $20 and both players called.  The turn was the 3h, making the board 7s6d5h3h.  Both checked to me again and I fired $65.  The BB announced raise and made it $150 to go with about $150 more behind (and I covered him).  Then the other guy said “well I can’t fold now” and he called all in for his last $135.  No reason to get cute, I shoved, and the BB beat me into the pot.  “Do you have a set?” he asked.  No set I replied as the safe ten of spades rolled off on the river for a final board of 7s6d5h3hTs.  I tabled my hand and he looked at it in disbelief.  He definitely didn’t put me on 98 having raised preflop, and was confident his 4 was good when he turned the small straight.  He actually had outs however, as he held 6h4h so the turn card gave him not only the small straight, but an open ended straight flush draw.  The other guy never showed his hand, and I took down a huge pot that was largely the result of a lucky circumstance of events (a perfect flop, and the BB defending with a holding that also hits the board to make a costly 2nd best hand, and missing the flush on the river), and skill (recognizing an opportunity to exploit the first limper which set the whole hand up to be an all in pot, understanding not to slow play the flopped nuts, setting up the avenue to extract maximum value post flop). 

Over all despite having to reload $100 to top off my stack back to $300 early in the session, having my AA cracked by AK all in pre, the session ended up being quite profitable (if you want to see a picture of my stack from the session, I tweeted it @TheLangolier)  due to the really bad play of my opponents and some lucky circumstances setting up a huge pot for me as well. 

I really love the live game on Friday nights.