It’s time for another challenge! 

The last 6-max vs. Full Ring challenge was a lot of fun, team 6-max came out on top so this time team Full Ring will be looking for some revenge!

This is a bankroll builder contest for cash game players.  The basic jist of it is that the players all start at 2nl and grind their way up over the course of a month.  At the end the team with the most profit is the winner, and there will be added prizes involved for players that complete the challenge on both teams.   If you’re already playing cash games, it’s a great opportunity to join in and get some added benefit from your regular grind!  If you aren’t playing much cash games, it’s a nice incentive to have a go at it! 

I will again supervise Team Full Ring, and xflixx will supervise Team 6-max.   We will be opening team blog threads where we will answer questions from our teams, collect hand histories and report the team progress weekly, and conduct “team meetings” during live training where we review the team’s progress, look for leaks, and review some of the interesting hands. 

You can view the details in the official 6-max vs Full Ring challenge thread, and you can sign up to play there as well.  Let’s get a big turn out!  Hope to see you there, and if you crush full ring cash games I expect you to sign up for sure.