It was a fun and interesting day 1.  We start with 30K chips and blinds at 50-100 so 300bb stacks and 2 hour levels… very deep and slow structure.  I played a couple medium-ish pots, and the rest of the day was a slow chip up via the battle of small pots.  So far I’ve been all in zero times.  The line up was:
Seat 1:  Amateur TAG
Seat 2:  Huge aggro fish
Seat 3:  Decent Canadian LAG
Seat 4:  Strong Russian
Seat 5:  Solid young guy 
Seat 6:  Inexperienced TAG
Seat 7:  Me
Seat 8:  Loose-passive fish
Seat 9:  Old rock
Seat 10:  No-show
Overall a good table draw, but not spectacular.  Seats 2, 8, and 9 would bust out, but unfortunately they gave their chips to seats 3, 4, and 5 mostly.
The very first hand Seat 2 pulled sort of an angle shoot move, right away I thought ahhh we have a slick willy here.  He was in the SB, seat 5 raised to 250, seat 6 called, I called with 44, seat 8 called, and seat 2 called.  Seat 2 announces that he checks the flop dark (which means as first action, he checks, before even seeing the flop cards).  The flop comes QJJ… seat 5 bets, seats 6 and I both fold, seat 8 calls and seat 2 calls, again announcing check dark on the turn.  The turn was a small card.  Now seats 5 and 8 both check as well. The dealer then burns and puts out the river, an 8… the instant the river card hits the table seat 2 protests “WAIT I didn’t do anything yet!!!”.  The dealer says “you checked dark sir”.  He acts like he wanted to bet the turn and didn’t get a chance to act.  A couple players re-iterate that he in fact checked dark.  So he says ok fine, acting all irritated, and bets out.  I thought to myself, this guy is bluffing… he’s pulling a move to act like he has a jack, but it makes no sense because if he actually DID have a jack he would never check trip jacks dark like that after calling the flop.  And he waited until the instant he saw the river, so he probably has KT and busted a straight draw (the other open ended straight draw T9 would have gotten there on the river).  Seat 5 goes into the tank, and after maybe a good 2 minutes of deliberation calls.  Seat 8 folds.  Slick willy turns over…drum roll… KT.  Seat 5 has Q3s and takes it down (yes that’s a loose open for a guy I’ve described as solid young guy… he actually played very lag for about the first 30 minutes and then tightened up and played solid after that). 
Later in level 1 Seat 2 punted the rest of his stack to the solid Russian.  There is a raise, a couple callers (including seat 2 on the button) and the Russian 3-bets out of the blind.  He gets called by seats 6 and 2.  The flop comes J63.  The Russian continuation bets and gets called only by seat 2.  The turn is a ten putting 2 hearts on the board.  The Russian barrels, and seat 2 calls quickly (heart draw?).  The river is an off suit Q, so the final board is J6h3ThQ.  The Russian fires the 3rd barrel and now seat 2 goes into a speech. It’s actually the 3rd time he’s gone into a speech (the first I’m counting as the hand #1 story)… the first 2 he’s been caught bluffing.  So now he goes into the speech again… “omg if you have AK that would be so sick… I think you have aces or kings.  I put you on aces or kings.  I know you have aces or kings.  Blah blah blah.”  I’m thinking this guy is going to pay him off lol.  Surprise, instead of calling, seat 2 moves his entire stack all in.  The Russian quickly calls and seat 2 says “I have a jack” and turns over Jh4h.  The Russian had an easy call with the nuts, AK.  But tbh seat 2 was getting called by aces or kings too, as I’m sure the Russian had picked up the same reads I had. 
I will save stories about hands I played until I’m out, and will talk about some during my live training review class scheduled for Wednesday the 18th.  Ended Day 1 with 37.3K in chips, day 2 starts at 250/500/50 so I’ll start with 74 bb’s. 
One other freaky thing happened… at the end of the day you bag and tag your chips and you get your day 2 seat assignments immediately.  What they do is they have slips ready with all the day 2 seats on them, it’s all randomly mixed up.  Then they come around to each table, the dealer high cards, and starting with the high card they just hand out slips in order around the table and move on to the next table.  You count your chips, fill in your name, home town, chip count on the slip, bag the chips, put a slip copy in the bag (3 copy slips… 1 copy for the bag, one for the dealer, one for you), seal the bag and you’re done.  So I’m filling out my slip and notice something odd.  “Aren’t we supposed to have our day 2 seat assignments on here?” I say to the dealer.  “Yes sir, that’s your day 2 seat assignment”.  I look at the players slips on my half of the table, all different random table numbers.  Then I look back at mine.  Yep, my day 2 seat assignment is the same exact table and seat number as my day 1.  I show the dealer and say mine’s the same as today.  He’s quite surprised, said that’s pretty freaky he’s never heard of that happening before.  Maybe it’s a good omen?  I hope it means I’m meant to stick around a while. lol
Yesterday was an off day for me, I went to the Aria with a friend Joe and played 2-5nl while he played their 1pm daily $125 tourney.  My cash game table was rocking and I booked a very nice session.  My friend who lives in Vegas came by and got into 2-5, and asked for a table change to my table (there were 6 or 7 games running at these stakes)… the floor person told him he was 5th on the list for a transfer.  You know it’s a great game when everyone else wants to change to your table. lol  For those following my experience on twitter @TheLangolier I tweeted updates with pics of my growing stack through out the night.  All in all it’s been a great start to the trip.
More after Day 2 tomorrow…..