Live League week 6 brought another final table finish, all be it in a bit shorter field than prior weeks, 7th/44.  Again I’m not displeased with this one as I went to the final table short stacked so hanging on to 7th for a bump in league points is just fine.  Could have been higher too if a couple shorter stacks hadn’t gotten lucky on their all ins prior to mine.  
The highlight of this one was JDean finally breaking through.  When we redrew seats for the final table I found JDean with a big stack of chips on my immediate right.   He would eventually be the one to take me out, although it was really more the blinds and he simply finished the job… I was all in with any 2 and he isolated me with A5, I was quite happy with 97o and the equity this matchup gave me considering I had to be in with a random hand, but I failed to improve.  I guess JDean was tired of the early finishes, because he went ahead and shipped this one.  Congrats on the 1st place finish JD!!!
The key hand for me came very early in the tournament, in fact it was nearing the end of level 1. UTG who had been playing passively until now, opened for 150 (blinds were 25-50).   UTG+1, a guy who plays loose-aggressive and earlier had lost a big pot when he severely overplayed AK on an AT8Q board (opponent defended the BB with T8s and flopped bottom 2), he moved all in over the UTG raiser for 1025 total.  I was UTG +2 and looked down at TT.   This was really a tricky spot.   Now in terms of hand value, I would snap call the LAG here.  But it wasn’t that simple… for one I had the entire rest of the field (10 handed) still to act behind me, and I had UTG who already opened for a raise, and had done so for the first time on the night, having played tight-passive thus far.  If I flat call the 1025 and anyone comes over the top, I’m screwed and will have to fold.  If UTG calls and bets the flop, same thing unless I’ve binked a ten.   If I raise again to isolate I’m basically committing my stack, which I don’t like doing this early in a spot with a lot of unknowns (aka the whole field behind me and the UTG guy showing real strength).   And even if I take one of these  large risks (flatting or 4-betting) and everyone else does go away, it’s no guarantee I’m busting the LAG anyway.  He can still have overpairs, and certainly has a lot of 2-overcard hands in this spot as well.  If I had been the UTG raiser and everyone folded it back around to me, I would have snapped this guy with TT, but in the end I decided there was too much risk involved here for having to commit this much of my stack on level  1, so I opted to make the tough laydown.   Is it right or wrong, I don’t know, but it was certainly a tough decision imo.  I turned out to get a real confidence boost from this in the end as I got a great result… it folded around to the tightest player at the table, who looked at his cards then perked to attention and said “how much?” while reaching for his chips.  I felt that wave of relief as I knew this guy has TT beat 100% of the time here (he would agonize over playing AK in this spot).   He called pretty quickly, and UTG ended up folding.  The LAG had 88 and the tight guy JJ, the board ran out 9 high and the JJ held up.  I’m not results oriented and I still am not 100% sure if my fold was the best play or not in this particular structure/format, but regardless it did give me a confidence boost to avoid this potential land mine. 

3 more weeks to go and I have 2 scores that qualify as droppable (with 4 final table finishes I assume I will not drop those scores, as basically the only way it’s possible is for 3 more deep final table runs and that would just be completely ridiculous). 
JDean by virtue of the huge point award for 1st place is back in the hunt for a top 10 spot, and JWK is in tough shape but with a 2nd place finish another top 2 score would be enough to catapult him into the top 10 as well, so all 3 of us are within reach.   Wish us luck!