Week 5 brought another final table finish with 9th place out of 52 runners.  Unlike my previous final tables, where I was disappointed at coming close to a top spot and falling short, this one I’m happy with.   In both those I had a stack with 2 tables left, but this week I never really had much of a stack going all night, and once I fell below 15 bb’s was never really able to get back above it.  I just kind of cruised along on my short stack, using some steals and a couple timely re-steals to keep myself afloat.   With 24 left I was all in preflop as a 73-27 dog and sucked out to stay alive.   So yeah, quite happy adding a 9th place finish to the overall league score.

I didn’t have any real exciting hands or hands of note this time (it was one of those nights), but here was one that was amusing I didn’t play:   With blinds at 500/1000/100, a player in late position opens for 3500… he’d been pretty aggressive all night and had a nice stack.  The small blind quickly goes all in for 3K total, then the big blind, who also had a big stack, calls as well.  So there is 1K in the side pot and the SB is all in for the main pot.  The flop comes 789 rainbow and the action between the 2 remaining stacks goes check, check.  Turn a 4, check, check.  River pairs the 7, check, check.  Dealer says “let me see the 2 hands for the side pot” but the SB immediately turns up his hand first, AJo.  Dealer says “just the side pot first”, and the other 2 players then turn over their hands… AJo and AJo for a 3 way chop. lol

My starting table had John (JWK) at it this week, although we didn’t play any pots together.  He exited just before the end of the first hour on a brutal sequence of events, but you can read about that in his blog.  Note to John:  My 73-27 suck out came against the guy who hit the running 7’s on you.  He got super lucky again later after getting short… with 11 left he got into a 3 way all in pot as a the shortest of the 3 stacks, he had AQs vs. AKo vs. JJ, and the board ran out QT3QT so he tripled up and still had a nice stack at the final table when I busted out.  Whoever says that kind of stuff only happens online, hasn’t played enough live.
Until next time…