The 4th week of the 9 week league was largely uneventful for me.  I wasn’t able to get anything going, it was one of those days.   Ironically JDean was at my starting table and the only hand I won was against him.  With blinds at 25-50 (level 1) he opened UTG+1 to 125.  The players between us folded and I called from the hijack with AcQc.  2 other players called and we saw a flop of QhJhx (The x was an offsuit smaller card, I don’t remember exactly now).  JDean c-bet 225.  I didn’t like this much, his EP raise combined with a c-bet in a multi-way pot, but obviously am not giving up on top/top at this point.  The other 2 players fold leaving us heads up.   The turn comes 9h, and now JDean checks to me.   Meh… I think if he’s got AK he’s giving up, but he may pot control AA or KK, or sometimes slowplay the nut flush if he happens to have it (I wouldn’t slow play it btw, but I thought he might).  So I opted to check back the turn for pot control, to perhaps induce river bluffs, and to get my hand, which has decent showdown value in a small or medium sized pot, actually to showdown without having to face a big decision.  The river was a very interesting card, another Q, making the board Qh Jh x 9h Qs.  JDean now goes back to his stack and comes out with a bet of 375.  So I have to tank this card.  Obviously I’m not folding, the whole plan in checking back the turn was to call any safe river card and any reasonable bet, and a card that improves my hand qualifies as safe for sure (if I was smashed on the turn, I’m still beat, except now I’ve pulled ahead of AA and KK).  I’m tanking now to decide if I can raise for value or should just call.  In the end I decided to just call, as I think JDean is never folding better hands to my raise and not sure he’d call with worse except specifically KQ.  Obviously he folds bluffs, but he’s capable of folding AA or KK as well.  Against some opponents I think a thin value raise may be in order, but here it’s probably too thin.  I throw in a 500 chip to call and he says “it’s good” and turns over ATo.  I’m a little surprised to see this hand, but I’ll take it.  
After that I took down a couple smallish pots but really didn’t get anything going.  We were at the outter most tournament table so as soon as late reg ended (they allow late registration through 2 levels as long as there’s seats), our table was broken and we got moved.  The next key hand I played was my last one.  The blinds had just gone up from 100/200/25 to 200/400/50, when I look down at KK.  I had about 3600 chips at this point but looking for a little action on an aggressive table, I open to 1K (this should look strong to savvy players but it was standard for this table and most of the opponents are not too sharp).  My plan worked as I got 3B, an action which folded out the rest of the field back to me.  I was soon to learn however that I was destined to get this action no matter what I had done, as after I put my chips in I found out I was running my KK into AA.   There was to be no love from the board, and I exited in 32nd place.   
JDean went out somewhere before I did, but the good news of the day is JWK had a deep run, finishing 3rd for a big league score (see his blog for the details).  At least someone from PSO represented, awesome job John!!!

Until next time…