Tuesday’s league game led to another final table, finishing 7th out of 61.  Again I had a stack moving towards the end game, but came up short.  I was talking to John (JWK) about this the other day, I’m just not particularly happy with my finishes.  Don’t get me wrong, 2 final tables through the first 3 events is a great start for my league score.   But my goal was to ship each of these, and I fell short both times.  Now, if it were a case where I had limped along on a shortish stack, got key double ups to stay alive, but never really got anything going (sometimes tournaments go like that), it would be different… 7th and 8th I’d be happy about under those circumstances.  But I had a stack in each of these events with 2 tables left.  Now I understand it for what it is, the structure in the late stages of this tournament is poor… the money is shallow and there’s a higher luck factor because of it.  I’m not unhappy with any of my decisions during the endgame of these events.   But I don’t feel particularly pleased with having a legit shot of shipping (having a stack) and falling short. 

I think that feeling came into focus with my bust hand from this tournament.   With 7 left and the blinds having just increased to a whopping 3K/6K/500, I was dealt Ad9d in the cut off.   It folded to me, and with 12.5K in the middle I find an easy shove with my 48K stack.  The average stack was 35K at this blind level  so the money had now become very shallow, and although I’m ahead of that average right now, fates change quickly with the blinds this large and if we’re playing to win, we can’t pass up any +EV spots.   This shove should take down the dead money a decent amount of the time, and given the urgency for players to make stands now I can also get called by worse hands like KQ/KJ or A-rag.   I did get called by the big blind, who turns over 8c8s, and we’re off to the races.   Can I win a race in a huge pot at the final table one time???  Not this time.  After we check the stacks he’s got me covered by 1500 chips, so I’m out.  Again, I’m not unhappy with my play at all.  Just came up on the wrong side of the luck factor that could have seen me moving into 6 handed play with close to half the chips on the table with a more favorable board. 

So it’s not that I’m displeased with 2 final tables, or that I expect I should do better…  I expect that I should make the best decisions I know how (and I am happy with my play thus far), and let the results fall where they may.  And I understand completely that with some bad variance I could easily have zero final tables right now.   Also in each of the first 2 leagues I made 3 final tables out of the 9 weeks, so I’m ahead of that pace as well.  All things considered, I’m off to a great start league-wise.  It’s not without a measure of disappointment though at getting to the endgame with a stack twice, and missing a top 3 spot both times. 

It’s ok, it’s probably a good idea to save my “one time” for the finals anyway.  :wink: