Hi all,
One of the things I'd like to do this year is rekindle my PSO blog.  It's been a full 2 years since I blogged anything, and a lot's changed obviously.  But I'd like to have another go at it.  
You'll have to bear with me... I'm not much of a blogger tbh.  In fact I've never kept a blog outside of PSO even, and this will still be the only one I have now. 
So what I'd like to share here is:
-My musings on poker
-Strategy topics that pop into my head
-Interesting hands that I play or see live
-Trip reports (most notably, I will do one for the 2012 Main Event)
-Anything else that comes to mind that I'd like to share
I'm also going to try and learn how video blog. It was suggested a video blog of trips to play live, etc. might be interesting for people to see.  I don't really get it tbh... casinos won't let you film inside after all.  But I watched a few that Felix did on intellipoker where he records a few minutes from outside the casino and talks about a hand he played, and it looks easy enough.  And I was told the membership love it.  This will be totally new to me, so I guess we'll see how that goes.    
I hope you enjoy following my thoughts here, and wish me happy blogging!