Do you already play NL cash games? Have you dabbled in them but weren’t comfortable? Or are you interested in trying them out but haven’t made the move yet? Often times newer players today get their start with NLHE tournaments. When they get serious about learning and improving their game, they naturally put their learning focus into the MTT arena. And those who work hard and put in the practice get to be pretty decent MTT players. At some point they invariably decide to dabble in some cash game play. They figure hey, I know what I’m doing with the NL business, I’ve put in the time… I’m ready to have a go at the cash game tables. Players that fit this description get their hats handed to them in cash game play. Then they go on to talk about how unlucky they are or how bad they run. But truthfully, luck has nothing to do with it. NL MTT’s are fundamentally different from NL cash games, and as such require different strategies and different levels of understanding. The problem for our hypothetical MTT player is that there are often times when the correct MTT strategy for a situation is exactly the opposite of what’s correct in a cash game. So it’s easy for me to understand why they’re getting stacked off and cursing their bad luck… they think they’re playing well because that’s what they know to do in MTT’s. The fact is, cash games are built around players like that. They need to learn how to play well in cash games, or they’ll continue to be the long term donator. If you want to learn the difference, and what it takes to be successful in NL cash games, come join my NL Cash Games Mentor Class. Phase 1 is launching on Saturday 3/14, and there are still a few spots left. Learning why cash games are different from MTT’s, and understanding what strategy differences are necessary for success, will help boost your confidence along with your results. And the principles you learn can and will improve aspects of your MTT game to boot. If you’re already playing NL cash games but are interested in improving your results, this course series will be a great benefit to your bankroll. This may be the last time this series runs, so take advantage of it now. Registration and course info here: You can feel *comfortable* and *confident* at the cash tables. And you can consistently build your roll. The time is now.