(Note from Hitman: The first phase of my NLHE Multi Table Tournament Course series is starting this weekend! If you’re interested in working on your tournament game from level 1 right through heads up play at the final table, as well as developing several tools to help you get there, this is the series for you! You can sign up here: http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/members-only/session/view?id=121 ) In my last update in the quest for 10 BB/100, I had fallen below the goal at +8.85 year to date. With 2 more months in the books (through October 31st), I’m back were I need to be. I didn’t play as much NL ring as I’d have liked in September and October, having many other obligations on my plate, but I did manage to slip in 18 sessions over the 2 month period (about 13 of which were for any real length of time, and 5 short ones). I had 15 positive sessions and 3 losing ones, with only one of those losing sessions being a really negative affair (I dropped 2.5 buy-ins that sit… not a good day lol). My PokerTracker stats for the 2 month period shook out as follows (this is about 75% 6 max, 25% full ring): VP$IP 28.83% PFR 14.21% Flop AF 1.96 Turn AF 2.00 River AF 1.42 Total AF 1.87 Won $ When Seeing Flop 48.18% Went to Showdown 27.74% Won $ at Showdown 55.26% BB/100 +21.84 I’m really please with my won $ at showdown %, any time you’re booking that over half the time, the results will tend to follow as long as you’re going to showdown enough. My numbers across the board look pretty good, particularly for mostly 6 max play, and I’ll take that type of BB/100 result any time, regardless of how I had to get there! This raises my YTD BB/100 to +10.04 through 10/31, and I’m excited about the home stretch. November and December are always traditionally busy months for my family, but I have no plans to sit on my barely over 10 win rate number for the remainder of the year. I’ve played 5 sessions in November already (including 2 which were live shadowing sessions for my currently running NLHE Cash Games Phase 2 Mentoring Class), and have booked wins in all 5 of them, so I’m hopeful that the rest of the year will follow suit and my quest to achieve 10 BB’s/100 for 2008 will be realized. Regardless of how it plays out, in the end I’m feeling very confident in my game and even if the final year to date result falls short of 10 BB’s, I’ll look back on 2008 as success at the NL cash tables, and continue to strive to learn and improve my game even more. There’s always room for improvement and growth in my book, no matter what plateau you may reach.