Wednesday I opted to get some rest and not get up for the early morning PSO event start. So I woke up late, had breakfast in the coffee shop, and then went down to check out the PSO event. Looked like another good turn out. I couldn’t stay though because I decided to go play the $330 Deep Stack at the Venetian. I asked a few MTT players if they wanted to go with, but they had already bought into the Orleans Open $330 event for the day. I wished I had got to them before they did… same exact structure but the Orleans had 5K starting chips and the Venetian 12K. Time’s running out though so I hop a cab over to the Venetian and get bought in. The tournament is nicely run, but unfortunately I’m unable to get anything going at all. I had one of those tournaments where I zigged when I should have zagged, and my stack slowly shrunk as a result. I end up busting out some time before the 2nd break when I make my stand with AJs and get called by T9o (who had limped UTG, wp sir). One really interesting hand took place at my table that I’d like to share with you. The player 2 seats to my right had been very active in the first couple levels and gambled some big pots with marginal preflop hands, accumulating a ton of chips when he got lucky (one he reraised then called off a shove preflop with 33, he was up against JJ and hit a set, another he reraise isolated a shorter stack with KTo and beat 88). Anyway he’s got about 35K in chips at this point. Another player at the table who had about 18K opened for a raise UTG to 600 with blinds at 100-200. The aggressive big stack reraised to 2800, which was not uncommon for him at all (reraising that is). It mucked around to UTG who tanked a bit, checked his cards again, counted his stack, and finally shrugged and said “I call” tossing out 3 1K chips. The big stack now throws his hand down on the table FACE UP, KK. Everyone’s like “what are you doing?” The big stack said “he folded.” “No, he called” we inform him. Now the UTG player says “His hand is dead, he exposed the hand while we’re still playing it”. “It’s not going to be dead…” the dealer says. “IT’S DEAD” UTG protests, cutting off the dealer. “Kill that hand!” I suggest calling the floor to straighten it out. Big stacks KK is still sitting face up in front of him. The floor comes over and is told the sequence of events. The ruling is that the KK is still a live hand, the raise has been called, put the flop out and play on gentlemen. The floor also says after the hand is over, he will have to give a penalty to the big stack for exposing his cards. The big stack quickly scoops his KK back up so it’s not visible any more, which on the surface is amusing but you never know when the suits might be relevant, like in this case when the flop comes heart-heart-heart, ten high. Did he have the Kh? I know he didn’t, it was the KsKd, but the key question is does UTG know, or did he miss the suits in all the confusion? UTG checks his hole cards again, then taps the table to check. The big stack, who is visibly upset by the whole ordeal, takes his chips and shoves them in, announcing “all in” almost in anger. The UTG player quickly says “call” and puts his stack in, then tables KhQh for the flopped flush. Ouch. So the big stack loses half his chips on the hand because of his mistake, and subsequent over bet shove mistake, and then has to leave the table until the end of the level to boot. Really though the penalty was a lucky thing for him, he was so on tilt from the whole ordeal being forced to leave the table was probably a good thing for his stack as it gave him time to cool down. I had some credit built up on my players card so I decided to use it and eat dinner at the Venetian. I figured I’d get something at the tables so I checked out the games. Feeling beaten up by hold’em at this point in my trip, I decided to sit in their $4-$8 Limit Omaha/8 with a half kill and lick my wounds. The game was very loose and very wild, pure gambling. I bought in for $200 since there were a lot of chips on the table and the game looked wild from the rail. I was quickly down $80, scooped a couple pots and was just as quickly up $150. The game was a lot of fun, players laughing and joking and just having a good time. But it was wild… if your roll couldn’t handle massive swings at this level it would have been uncomfortable. I had a blast, and after 3 of the loose, wild action players left and were sadly replaced by rocks, I decided to rack it up. I finished the session up $60 when the smoke had cleared, and felt quite refreshed after having such a good time. Naturally I was now in the mood for more Limit O/8, so I decided to head back up to the Wynn and see what the $10-$20 game with a half kill looked like there. Rather than cab what I thought was a rather short distance, I decided to walk it from the Venetian. I got a bottle of water from the cocktail waitress and figured if the heat was too much I could duck in and out of casinos, or bail out and get a cab. No problem though, it wasn’t too bad as the sun was just setting, and I made the walk non-stop outside. It really wasn’t far. The Wynn has 2 games going, with the second being a must move. I take a seat and buy in for 1K (2 racks). It’s short handed when I sit, I’m the 6th person. I kind of liked that, since I play a lot of 6-max LO/8 online, so I’m experienced at short handed play. Eventually the game gets close to full, such that we’re running with 8 or 9 players all the time. As someone gets called to move to the main game, it seems like a new player replaces them, and always worse than the one that just left. The game was really, really good. I have an amazing hand come up when the table was 9 handed… it was a kill pot, a LAGtard who was raising almost every pot had scooped and was killing it from 2 seats to my left. I was in the BB this hand. In their kill game the killer acts in turn, and right on cue he raises to $30. Everyone’s calling back around to me (yeah, the game was loose LOL), and I call $20 more from the BB with As3s7hTc. Fairly mediocre hand but there was no shortage of action post flop, including people marrying non-nut hands like crazy, so I don’t mind making a $20 investment with a suited A3, even if the side cards are pretty much garbage. We’re playing fit or fold here, we want a nut hand at least one direction, or a draw to the nuts, to continue. Anyway, we wind up seeing the flop 7 handed and it comes down 256 with 2 diamonds. Not too shabby. I elected to check my nut low/gut shot straight draw as I knew for sure the LAGtard was firing, then I figured I could trap the loose field for an extra bet with a check-raise if we got a lot of callers. The LAG doesn’t disappoint, he fires away. He gets a couple callers and then a player raises. All the remaining players call back to me. The LAG already has his re-raise chips in hand (he wasn’t faking it), so I just smooth called the 2 bets. The LAG reraised and the other player made it 4 bets, and back to the LAG who capped it. We still had 7 players LOL. The turn came an offsuit 9 and we checked to the LAG again who fired. This time there was a fold (huh?), call, the flop raiser just called… as the action’s coming around I’m planning to raise for value… I figure most likely I’m quartered for low but there’s enough players still putting money in the pot to make being quartered profitable, and maybe I’ll catch a lucky 4 to make a 7 high straight on the end, and that might be good for high or at least half of high, so I think I’ve got good equity in a raise. Before the action gets to me though, the button surprisingly raises it himself. Now I don’t want to blow any of the loose callers out by making it 3 bets here, forcing them to cold call 2 more (plus the LAG might raise again behind me, forcing the loose callers to cold call 3 more). So I opted to just call the $60. The LAG finally slows down and just calls, as do the others. We lost 2 players on the turn so we see the river 5 handed. The river is an off suit 8. Uhhhh, wait a second. No flush, 25698. I have A37T. My “garbage” side cards just made the nut high. :-) I decided not to mess around and just bet this out. I wanted to make sure I got paid and it didn’t check around. After all, I’m getting 3 quarters of this pot now I figure, or at worst half of it although it would be just bizarre if someone else was also in there with a T7. Plus the last aggressor was the button, so my bet may pick up a few callers and if he raises, we’ll have them trapped (incidentally, I would definitely 3 bet my nut-nut hand here if that happens… while it’s true I’ll be confronting the callers with having to call 2 more, the pot is so enormous now that it’ll be hard for anyone to fold anything that was worthy of already calling a bet on the end). Nobody folds to my bet, but no body raises either. I announce “nut-nut” and turn over my hand, waiting to see if I’m just quartered for low or if there’s more than one other A3 out there. Muck, muck, muck, muck. Noooooooooo. LOL. Scoop. That table was so sick. :-) I’m up close to 1K in the game when I get called to move to the main game. Obviously I don’t want to leave. LOL But I have no choice as it’s a must move. And much to my surprise, the new table is just as good, if not better. There’s one very strong player in the game, a younger guy (well, younger than me anyway, which at 39 isn't hard to do) originally from Canada I think, who lives there now and apparently is a regular in this game. Everyone else pretty much stinks, a couple weak-tights and the rest were Loose-passive or LAG, and very bad at them all. The strong player decides to leave relatively early too, even better. Just playing solid, fit or fold on the flop poker, I continue to do well. The game gets short and we keep playing. Eventually I’m playing 3 handed with a young Asian and an older gentleman whom I know from my 6 years living in Vegas… I had played with him several times in $10-$20 and $20-$40 hold’em when those were my regular games. He was an average to poor hold’em player, definitely not winners in the game. He should have stuck to hold’em. His Omaha/8 game was equally unimpressive. Both these players aren’t very good, and it was clear to me quickly that both had far less short handed experience at O/8 than I did… they didn’t seem to understand how hand values change short handed at all. I’ve played a couple thousand hands heads up online, and easily as many 3 and 4 handed, so I felt comfortable in this spot. The Asian kid eventually felts for the third time (he kept reloading $200 at a time) and says he gives up. I figure it’s time to rack it up when the older gentleman asks if I want to keep playing. You bet I do. We play heads up for close to 2 hours. He’s uber aggressive heads up at first, which is a good adjustment, but he over does it initially, trying to run over me by raising every single hand. Fortunately I’ve played quite a few of this type online heads up, and know how to adjust. I’m mucking hands that don’t hit right away, and calling down with hands that will be ahead of his random hand range. After he donks off a couple hundred more to me he adjusts to tone it down a bit so now I counter by revving up my aggression. He’s not hard to tilt, and ends up dropping about 400 total to me despite hitting a run of strong hands where he scoops 6 or 7 in a row. Another young Asian kid who has been watching us from the rail for a bit (we actually had a few rail birds for a while), sits in with 1K. I figure here comes the shark moving in for a quick kill, but it turns out he also doesn’t know how to play short handed limit O/8 and is way, way too tight for a 3 handed game, essentially making him a non-factor. Eventually the older gentleman and I agree we’re quitting in 20 minutes, which will be 5 AM. I started the night with 2 racks of red, and now find myself carrying 7+ !!! back to the cage to cash out. Just the medicine the doctor ordered, a +$2670 session. I try to keep my emotions out of it when I play, but obviously I now felt pretty good. I had just erased what up to this point had been a nightmare of a trip in one single session. Day +$2400, trip +$700