Day 4 – July 8th Today I was much more rested for the morning PSO event. Getting a couple more hours of sleep than the night before, plus not being hung over, is definitely +EV. Today’s event was HORSE, which I love to play. We had a short field, I think 37 players, so it’s paying 5 places. It’s always a bummer making the final table of an event and walking away without a pay day, but 3 of the days players would do just that. My starting table was a lot of fun. But then again, I was playing well AND catching hands at the right time, and poker’s always fun when you’re running like that LOL (sorry starting table :wink. I was in the 1 seat, next to the dealer. Our first dealer of the day was one who had dealt to me in the PSO NL event the day before, and knew I was an instructor for the school. Friendly guy, we chatted a bit and then he let slip that he’d never dealt HORSE before, and wasn’t sure of the games. Hold’em, Omaha/8, Razz, Stud, Stud/8. He’s never dealt Razz before he tells me. No problem, exactly like 7 card stud, except you’re going for low, and straights and flushes don’t count (so Ah 2h 3h 4h 5h is in fact a nut low in Razz). He’s never dealt Stud-eight or better either, but he thinks he can figure that out. I tell him it’s hi/low split with an 8 qualifier, exactly like O/8, except you deal it like stud. Cool, he’s got it. Funny in this day and age where everyone is all hold’em all the time, that he wouldn’t have dealt some of the HORSE games before. I figured he hadn’t been dealing very long, but lack of Razz/S-8 knowledge aside he was a very good dealer… ran the game well and was both friendly and professional. Citykid was at my table, very nice older gentleman (CLVR’s Dad, actually). He was really funny… kept letting us know he really didn’t play all these games and in the Razz round in particular he didn’t know what he was doing. Funny I said, every time someone tells me that they end up taking my chips! And he went on a heater in Razz, won a couple nice pots in showdown, and won a few with appropriate betting for the boards, getting everyone else to fold. After the second one that he took down with a nice betting sequence, the dealer said “yeah, I think you’ve got the hang of this game just fine”. We all laughed. He proclaimed sheep but I saw a wolf in sheep’s clothing. ;-) They break the tables down in my direction, so I don’t have to move until we reach the final table, which I do with a healthy stack (top 3, we were all around the same). The final table was tough, no body wanted to leave. But the blinds had gotten really ridiculously high, so leave players must. It got to the point were literally everyone was on a short stack. When we made it to the money 5 handed, I think none of us could play a hand betting on each street and losing without being completely crippled or busted. I end up busting out in 4th during my nemesis round, Razz. It was 10K-20K now, lol, everyone was short… it was funny early in the tournament I was teasing the TD that I wanted my table to play No Limit HORSE. Then a bit later someone at the next table told me not to get broke because they wanted the 50 SP bounty Al put on my head, and I told them sorry, but they better hurry up and get over here because my table’s playing NL Horse! When the TD announced the limit had gone up to 10K-20K, I said “are you kidding me?” laughing. She gave me a smile with an “I don’t know what to tell you” look. So I gave everyone a laugh when I said “Well FINALLY I’ll get to play No Limit HORSE!!!” So anyway it’s the Razz round, Buschman started with a T up, I had a 9, and the other two players had paint. The biggest paint was on my left and brought it in. Buschman completed and the other player mucked, and I had 963 with I think 23K left so I made my stand and raised to 20K. Busch thought about it and then put me the rest of the way in. He had T72 if I recall correctly. My next card off was a 5, and Busch caught a Q. Finally, I thought, Razz isn’t going to me. Wrong. That’s why I don’t get along with razz… I swear I am the KING of brick-brick-brick. When I paired on 5th street and Marion caught a low card, I said right away, OMG this is so sick. He laughed, I think he knows how much razz loves me. lol He went on to win the HORSE event in a 3 way deal that left him the most money and the trophy… great job Marion on a very well played final table! Thehazyone is in town reporting on the WSOP, and Eddie_the_Ritz and I planned to get together with him for dinner. We go for steaks at a fantastic steakhouse I recommended that I used to take people to when I lived in Vegas… The Steakhouse at Circus Circus. You wouldn’t think there’d be any kind of fine dining inside Circus Circus, but trust me, if you like a good steak, you have GOT to put this place on your list the next time you’re in Vegas. They make the best steak in town IMHO, and I always try to get over there once each time I’m out. Call ahead, you’ll need reservations. Hazy’s doing well… he lives in Tennessee now, but is out in Vegas for 6 weeks reporting on the WSOP for a magazine in Europe . Very nice gig. After dinner he drops Eddie and I off at the Wynn so we can go play the $10-$20 Omaha/8 game with a half kill. There’s a list, but one seat open in $20-$40 hold’em so I suggest we sit and see how it looks while we wait. Eddie tells me to take the seat while he hits the restroom, and he’ll go 1st up on that list. He gets his seat not long after that. By the time we get called for the O/8 game, both of us have decided we’ll stay in $20-$40 hold’em. The game was good, with some decent action. There’s a couple good players, 1 semi-LAG, 1 LAGtard, 1 lady who keeps slipping between lagtard and loose-passive. The rest of the lineup was fairly weak-tight. Yet again, tonight is not my night. I’m not getting involved a whole lot but my stack is slowly shrinking. I take a couple beats to shrink it faster. I did win one very nice pot, but that was really it in terms of “big” pots… the LAGtard limps in UTG, and the LAG-mode lady raises him (she and he were playing back at each other a lot, her raise when he limped wasn’t a surprise). I’m in MP and make it 3 bets with QQ, and everyone else folds to the LAGtard, who calls 2 cold, and the lady calls. The flop comes down A44 and they both check to me. His range is pretty wide (he had already been caught UTG with 85o before), and this player had demonstrated he was capable of check-raising the flop and going multiple bets, all the way to the river, on a stone bluff. I figure either they have an ace or 4, or they don’t, and I’m either way ahead or way behind, So I decided to check behind with my QQ here… I figured the LAGtard won’t be able to help himself now and will bet the turn, and if the lady raises I’ll muck, and if she folds I’ll call him down. Change of plans when the turn comes a very pretty Q. The LAG bets as expected and the lady calls. I raise, hoping he’s not bluffing and does have a piece of it. He calls me and now the lady mucks. The river bricks off, and the LAG bets into me again. I raise. He instantly makes it 3 bets. I know he’s probably got a 4 now, maybe A4, but I can’t see him limping with AA preflop so I make it 4 bets. I decide when I do that if he makes it 5 (heads up there is no cap), I will back off and just call. I put him on a 4, and probably A4, but when I make the 4th bet my hand should essentially be face up as QQ or AA (he wasn’t an idiot, he could read hands), so if he doesn’t care and goes to 5 bets, I have to give legitimate consideration to him holding AA or 44. Luckily he doesn’t… he’s thoroughly distressed that I’ve made it 4 bets, “wow this is so friggin disgusting” he says. “Unbelievable”. “Wow”. “So sick”. Finally he calls. He’s got A4s and I hit a two outer with my free turn card. Other than this very nice pot, I’m running pretty bad. Mostly dry hands, and when I pick up something I either miss or get drawn out on. The last 2 hands I played I get 3 outted on the river each time by a player who way overplays their hand. I’ve been there before, that’s poker, but this trip has certainly gone poorly so far! Eddie has a nice night though, steadily building his stack and getting hands to hold when he gets called. Mr. Ritz is a very solid limit hold’em player, in case you didn’t know. Heading back to the hotel and I’m doing a self review of my game and play… have I been donking off chips? Or truly just running bad. I thought back through some of the hands and situations I was in, and I could have played some hands better for sure. But mostly it looked like variance. Day total -$775, trip total now -$1700