In March I ran a little more normal, finishing 7-4 in winning-losing sessions with a BB/100 of +7.06, which was a definite decrease from my first 2 months. The biggest note from March for me was a very bad session in the middle of the month, after which I decided to take some time off from NL cash game play (which ended up being 2 weeks). I needed the time to refocus and get my head back together after that one. That plus teaching my new hi-low split poker class gave me good reason to focus on some Omaha/8 and Stud/8 and give myself time to make sure I was in the right frame of mind for big bet poker the next time I sat down at the NL cash tables. I’m now 25% of the way to my quest for +10 BB/100 in NL cash games for 2008, and the first quarter over all has been a huge success. My combined numbers for January through March are as follows: Sessions won-loss record: 22-8 BB/100 = +15.23 I should note that my game of choice has been primarily 6 max NLHE cash game tables. Approximately 90% of my play this year has been at tables with 6 players or less, with only 10% being at full ring tables (7 or more players). I really like the 6 max games as they seem to attract the action players a bit more, and move at a faster pace as well, both of which appeal to me. Plus playing short handed tables people tend to play more hands and find themselves in more marginal situations post flop. I feel confident it’s to my advantage engaging my opponents in more marginal post flop decisions, trusting that I will make more of those better than my foes do. I thought I also would include some PokerTracker stats for those who are familiar with them, so you could see what they look like through the first quarter of the year. Keep in mind, these are largely from 6 max games: VP$IP: 27.56 PFR: 11.75 AF: 2.28 Went To SD%: 28.46 Won $ at SD%: 54.42 Won $ WSF%: 49.37 For those not familiar with PT, I thought I should include the definitions of these stats, from PT’s website: Vol. Put $ In Pot - percentage of times player voluntarily put money into the pot pre-flop. Putting money in the blinds is not considered voluntary unless you call from the SB or call a raise from the BB. PF Raise % - percentage of times player raised pre-flop. AF – Total aggression factor post flop, expressed as a ratio of bets+raises/calls. Went To SD % - percentage of times player went to showdown when seeing the flop. Won $ At SD % - percentage of times player won money when going to showdown. Won $ WSF % - percentage of times player won money when seeing the flop. In the near future I’m going to use my PT stats to do a comparative analysis and see if I can spot any leaks that need shoring up, and I’ll show you how I go about that right here in my blog.