Welcome to my blog! This is my first foray into blogging, so please bear with me. As an instructor at PSO, I’d like to do a couple things with this blog. First of all, I’m a real money player… I rarely play at PSO any more except for special events. My real money play consists of approximately 75% cash game play in a wide variety of arenas… Limit Hold’em, PL/NL Hold’em, Limit Omaha/8, Stud, Stud/8, and HORSE have all been my focus at one time or another. The rest of the time I play multi-table tournaments, mostly NLHE, and mostly in the $50-$200 range. I do like to play satellites for the $200+ buy in events (I do like a bargain! lol), so I’ll play small buy in satellites at times too. So one of the things I’d like to do here is share a little bit of the ups and downs that go along with being a semi-professional poker player (semi-professional means I derive part of my income from poker, but not the majority of it). Another thing I’d like to do is share some interesting hands along with my analysis of how they were played. I will try to adhere to doing at least one a week. I’ll call it my “Hand of the Week”, or perhaps sometimes it will be the “Hand of the Weak”. I hope you find this both enjoyable and beneficial. As for a little history on me, the Hitman, I’m a 38 year old, married, with a 5 year old son and a wife carrying triplets. I may have to move up to high limits soon, Huggies for 3 are expensive. lol We are animal lovers, and also have 3 dogs and 5 cats. Needless to say, this is a crowded house, but it’s filled with a lot of love. I’ve played poker much of my life, but began taking it serious when I moved to Las Vegas for a job transfer in 1998. Through hard work and study, I became a winning player in low limit hold’em games, and gradually moved up in limits as my bankroll grew, eventually reaching $30-$60 where I played solely for over a year. In late 2004 we moved back to Chicago after my wife’s mother passed away. Both our fathers were in poor health, and this being where my wife and I both grew up and our families were, we decided to be close to family while we still had the chance. Up until this point, I had played for real money exclusively live in the Vegas casinos. Since moving here, I play primarily online now (although there are riverboat casinos that spread poker here, so I do play live occasionally). Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy my blog. Dave