I started my poker career online on pokerstars two years ago and it has been successful journey so far. Finally, I got a chance to play live poker in Goa casino for Indian Poker Championship. I must say it was a terrific experience playing live, and on top making good scores in cash games and securing 4th place in one of the texas holdem tournaments - Rs 20,000 ($400) buyin. 


It took me a while to grasp the key differences playing online and live. And also learning rules playing on a live table. 

However, I personally find online more action fill and fast compared to live, though live has it own benefits of meeting new people and socialize. Hence, I plan atleast few live tourneys in a n year hereafter. 

I meet many amateur and professional Indian poker players and they were amazed to hear my success on pokerstars as many Indian players have a wrong perception that it is tough to win on PS because of highly competitive international field. I was happy to explain them the fact that there are numerous levels of games on Stars suiting every level of player and the number of fishes on PS....lol

Many Indian players are also not sure about the cash out methods on Stars for which I was happy to refer them to Neteller. 

In December, main IPC event is happening and I am looking forward to play it and meet many new poker players and make few good friends