Yes Guys, Poker has helped make my life better apart from the winnings, how? Sure, I will share with you in precise. 

Before Poker, I used to spend my evening time with friends mostly drinking! And soon after I was drinking alone and everynight. Yes, I was addicted to alcohol !!

With the advent of poker in my life, my fascination towards game and competitive spirit (being a sports and chess players since childhood) made me not leave tables in the evenings and stay home grinding. Initially, it was tough and I think the urge effected my play as well. But a month or so after, I didn't feel like drinking at all. 

Secondly, Poker has made me make better decisions in life by manifesting a habit to analyze and evaluate several factors before reaching to major decisions in business. Also, I strongly believe that to be good in poker you have to be a disciplined, positive and strong minded person. 

Play Safe & Enjoy 


P.S. I have issues attaching pics in the blog posts. Someone else also.