Most of the sports and games have specific metrics to measure the growth and progress of a player. However, in poker it is quite tricky, and you should not evaluate only your results as they are not the true indicator of your efforts and game. There could be long phases in your career where you are making the correct play but results are still poor. And your game should not detograte of this pressure. 

I have now started evaluating my sessions with the decisions I make rather how deep i run in the tourney or how much pay check I win. For example, you have to shove 2nd class hands (AJ, TT, 99 or 8 in position at 8 - 10 BB and if you lose the hand, it absolutely fine. 

Following are some of the plays I made in my last session:

Good Laydown:

UTG + 1 limped and I raise with my Q9 s in position and CC called. I sense strongness on turn with limper re-raising. He could have limped with lower or medium pair (33 or 77) from early position or sometimes players limp with monster hands like AK or AA or KK. He was ahead here from my top pair with weak kicker. I fold. 

Call with Third Pair

Sensed weakness in opponents range and called with third pair. 

Good Play, Bad Result

Correctly, put pressure on late raiser with AK but adverse result. 

Correct Play irrespective of Result

Stack Size Important

I think stack size & BB is critical here for the decision to shove with AK. I don't think I could re-raise/call here and fold. 

Hence, my point is that we should closely and regularly review our play for a session and evaluate merits and mistakes in a session instead of results only.