“One day a beggar another a king; that is what Poker, just live your dreams” – thehorse7


Hi All, this is my first blog post so pardon me for any discrepancies. In this post I would like share my career so far in poker.

My friend from Canada introduced me to poker and poskerstars in end of 2013 and I instantly fell in love with the game having my background intensively into chess, strategy games and snooker. I also love playing football. So, the most of my learning period was with real money. I remember still how I was even not knowing the hand rankings by heart and had to check them when loosing to straight flush or 4 of a kind. I must say I started playing descent poker from February 2014 although I had no good victory till June.

Untill June 24 it was a long period of just even buyins or invest from myside but suddenly that day I came 3rd in the Big $11 cashin $6,000 and then in a week only I scored $12,000 standing 2nd in the Big $55. And so do the phrase comes into scene ^

Post victories gave me a phase of very bad managed Bankroll finance chosing improper tourney buyins and timings to play. Also, I started running a bad time with bad run of flops and turns and rivers. Getting more eager for a big win, chasing it and not reaching  there. In process, making bad play decisions and bankroll management.

Now, on February 1st , around 8 months post my wins I have spent everything on tourney buyins with no descent win.  However, with the help of pokerschoolonline and other writers I am glad to have insightfull hold over my poker game and feel confident about it. I feel good about the time I have invested in learning poker. But I need to keep my best focus at the tables. Wish me good luck!

To new players I strongly recommend two points:
1. Keep playing within your bankroll limits.
2. Always keep learning and implement what you learn.