First of all i'd like to introduce myself, im TheHaze11 and am a keen poker player, eager to try and make it far one day.

I turned 18 just over a month ago now and put my first deposit of £10 on Pokerstars, within that month I managed to increase my £10 to $110. I mainly played $1.50 90 person, Knockout SNG's and $0.02/$0.05 tables. I enjoy playing MTT's as well so often entered The Big $2.20 and a daily $2.75 $7.5k guarenteed tournaments. I slowly increased my bankroll and made a jump from $37 to nearly $80 when i took down my first $1.50 90 person, Knockout SNG's for $27 followed by a win in a $3.50 9 person sng.

However, I only just turned 18 and my bankroll management has never been great. So I tried to get clever and started entering larger heads up games. I played The Saturday Duel and several $7 32 person HU, this went horribly wrong. Clearly i was not yet cut out for slightly higher stakes and when I watched my bankroll slowly deplete I got what most people will know as "tilt". As a lot know, tilt makes you do terrible things, in this situation I managed to blow my whole bankroll in under 3 nights.

But as you do, you learn from your mistakes. I've now wrote myself a plan out and am hoping to make my second deposit later and follow this plan carefully. Of course, no amount of planning can ever predict what happens at the tables, but hey, that's all part of the fun isnt it. :wink: