So as I stated yesterday, I loaded $200 onto my account and am playing way outside my backroll ($11 and smaller) 

I continue to run like hell though I did end up with a 19th place finish in the $11 $2.5k gtd.  Unfortunately that is good for a whole $22.50

I'm feeling good about the way I'm playing, though I could probably be more aggressive in certain situations that end up costing me valuable chips.

Anyways, I took today off as I'm in a class for the weekend to get my Life Insurance licence (I get bored easily so I have like 6 jobs that I work once a week) but I plan to slip out early so I can play a bunch of games on Sunday.  

The day off probably did me good. I had time to get to the bank and cash a bunch of cheques I had building up.   Washed my car since the kids I coach in lacrosse decided to draw a bunch of dicks all over it in the dirt that was caked onto it.  Then I cleaned the house (specifically my room) and organized my life a bit better.  

Keeping my chin up, I'm one big cash from being in the black and I feel it coming.