Since it's been a long time since I've posted here, I figure I should get into the habit of blogging about my sessions.


The year 2013 has been a disgustingly frustrating year.  I haven't played as much as I normally do, and in turn I've noticed I'm making more mistakes than normal.  Then when I do play well and make the right play I get unlucky.  

The lack of play is largely because when I came home from Nicaragua and went back to the bar I was working at, they had just fired a bartender and needed me to pick up some extra hours.  Then before they hired a new bartender they announced they would be closing for renovations for the summer (I live in a city that people leave when it gets nice out so summer is slow).  So this all resulted in me working full time for 5 months.  Mixed in with that, I was the head coach of a lacrosse team that went all the way to Provincials.  Being busy with all this stuff made it difficult to put in any kind of volume. 

I'm starting to believe that the correct play when it comes to tournaments is not the profitable play.  Making good folds and coaxing bad calls but I can't beat stupid.  

Looking at my graph, I am down $963 this year playing everything under $15 (690 tournaments).  With an average buy in of $8 I'm down well over 100 buy ins this year.  I know I am just one decent tournament win away from being back in the black but I can't seem to run well enough to get there.

I am lucky to have a very supportive girlfriend who is standing behind through every bad beat and as I struggle to get away from tournament poker and consider shifting back to the cash game.  

My biggest issue is that I hate cash online, as I have to play very robotic while building stats on regs.  I would play more live cash if I had the patience to deal with the mouth breathers hollywooding while they 72o preflop facing a 5x raise.  

This year will continue to be a struggle until I can define myself as to what kind of poker player I want to be.  

I am hoping to turn it around with a couple Micro Millions events but I'm at the point where it is almost time to reload.  If you know me, you'll know that I haven't had to reload since 2010.  

I know I'm not the first semi-pro to go through this phase and hopefully I can make some cash before I go completely broke and have to focus on working full time again.  

I am going to try to update this more often and try to keep up to date on how I'm doing as a player.  My goal is to move from Canada to Australia next year and I would really like to play in the Aussie Millions.  Though this year I haven't played a single live tournament.. I haven't spoken to my backer since before I left for Nicaragua (November).  

If you're interested in my trip to Nicaragua you can read my blog about it here