So I just wrapped up my session and since I leave Tuesday morning at 5am and need to get stuff done tomorrow, I won't be playing again until I'm settled in down in Nicaragua.  

Just a quick summary, started my out by playing the Bigger $8.80. Was doing well until I hit 4s full on a 4flush board and ran into 8s full.  

Messed around not doing anything as my standard Sunday goes but made a decent run in the Bigger $22.  Towards the end I made some questionable plays that cost me my tourney life calling a 3bet oop with JJ against a laggy player and running into his KK.  Then minraising A3s from EP with 10bb and was 3bet and 4bet so I folded and I would have tripled up by sucking out. Either way I played terrible.  Profit for the day was a solid $6.58... Which is food for a day in Nicaragua haha. 

I also finally made peace with my beard today.  Over the years I've trimmed it and kept it neat but it's been a long time since my face has been completely clean.  

I probably won't play on pokerstars while I'm away as I don't want to worry about losing my RSA token but I will probably load a couple hundred on FTP and see if I can make a few bucks playing on a little netbook we bought.  We plan to use the netbook down there and donate it to Quettzaltrekkers before we leave.  

Overall I'm pretty stoked, 2 more sleeps and it's all sunshine.