MTT's... The Bane of my existence... Until now.

     Last night I read through the MTT course and found out that I was playing all wrong. I was the one just trying to survive through the bubble and never making it because of the blinds. I was weak, but now I am strong. Today, I took the quiz and passed. 74%, mind you. I still wish It would tell me what I got wrong. I will take it again until I get 100%, but that's beside the point.

     Before I took the quiz, I registered for a satellite into the Saturday Splash. I took what I had learned the night before and put it to good use. As soon as it had started, I came out of the gate running. Long story short... out of 401 entrants, I came out in first place. I know 401 may not be a lot to most other people, but before this I had trouble even getting to the bubble against only 45! This is a huge accomplishment for me.

     Sure, the other 24 people below me recieved the same prize as I did... But actually ending the tournament in 1st place excites me more than anything. The chat may have stated that we all recieved 1st place, but I know where the chips really were at the end.

     Maybe I'll see some of you at the tournament tomorrow. I'll wish you good luck.


!Update! I ended up exchanging the ticket for tournament money instead, using it for S&G's. I entered a second satellite for the Saturday Splash and recieved another ticket, ending in 4th place.

I now love MTT's.