I have played poker using PokerStars' software for years, but I've only ever played with play money... Until now.


     Today, I made my first deposit. Not a lot, just $20 to get me started (of course, I used the promo code for another $20). I'm confident that, slowly but surely, I will be able to make a profit in the long run and turn that small deposit into much more.

     After a while of playing cash games, I decided it was time for a boost. During all my time playing with play money, I found that I was much better at winning STT's than anything else and I decided to try one. I payed my $1.50, took my seat, and waited patiently as good hands and good luck made their way around the table to me.

     It took a while at first but sure enough, players started to drop dead like flies in a zapper. As the bubble came closer to popping, the excitement of winning real money for the first time began to make my heart beat faster. By the time it came, I was already competing for highest chip stack with another individual. Then, it happened and I was one of the top 3 guaranteed to recieve money. I wasn't completely satisfied...

     I wanted first place, and I said to myself (out loud) "I'm winning this sit & go."

     More time passed, and soon we were heads up. From then on, it was very fast paced. Exchanging blinds, switching stacks.. And then it happened... Pocket Aces. By this time we had gone through probably 50 hands, folding back and forth and as a result, I had already lost chances to play pocket kings twice because my opponent folded pre-flop. I was not going to lose this one.

     He was the big blind and I was the small. Instead of raising and scaring him off, I simply called and let him decide, giving him false control. He pushed (to my excitement and joy), showing 9-10 offsuit. It was finally over; I had won.

     Could this be a sign? A taste of what's to come? Time will tell, and my fate is in the cards.