I think we should start at the begining. I have been playing poker on and off for the lat few years . 

more off then on. never really for money though. Free to play tounaments , tiny cash games with friends never really anything serious. 


Recently i have had a hancking to get back into the game. Last satyrday night i was working (as a bartender) and when i finshed i thought maybe i should just pop my head into the casino that is on the way home and try my luck at a cash game i had a pocket full of tips and a heart full of dreams. 

When i got to the casino i sat at the $2 / $3 table and drop my massive stack of $160 dollars. I think at this point we should note that it is 3:00am on a Sunday morning and there is a mix of drunk and amature players.  I wanted to at least double my money . i firguered that would make my night all worth it so i did my best to deconstruct the table and this is what i saw when i sat down. the lady next to me was a regular she had her mints she had her little pocket book she was a regular but not a master with a stack about my size next to her was our tables chip leader a middel aged man who had the look of a regular he new all the dealers names and all the other players and we very cautious with his money. following him was a Late 30's early fortys man who was italianish he was sitting next to a young brazilian guy they where the life of the table they also knew everyone around they where talking and joking but both with respectiable stacks. then the next player was a guy around my ages with a nice beared and a small stack