I'm Dazzler; been playing since september 2011; so a bit noobish

I've mainly been playing play chips recently but used to play lots of 25c MTT and $1.5 fifty/fifty (nothing major just for fun and lost a few $ over a couple of months)

What's really brought me here is that I worked my way up to 130K play chips playing 320 9/18/29 man STT/MTT and a few 2110 9/18/27 man STT/MTT thrown in; I played pretty regularly and usually expected to get top 4/5 in any (27 man) I entered.

Here's the thing; I must've picked up a bad habit or been on tilt for 3 months now as I've just been losing consistently over this time period...............yesterday I hit 17 ......that's ........1.....7.....chips!!!!!!!!

I dropped to 109s then 55s 6-max; saw a little upswing at playing 55 6max but this week lost the rest and last night dropped to 17 chips, luckily I got on a 3 sit out table so came out with 37 chips after cleaning them out gradually!

I really don't know what's gone soooooo wrong with my game!!!!!

Anyway just making this so I can look back; see where my mind is/was and keep track of my progress...hopefully...back to 130k and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol