Its been bugging me for quite a long time and I was not sure whether i should write about it or not, but then i decided to write about it finally. First off, there are some players whom i refer to as the hired hooligans of PS, they are the donks of all donks..they normally get eliminated within 15 starting hands, but those who survive eventually end up with a huge chip stacks and start sucking our bloods(by giving us bad beats). they say they love to give bad beats!!!! and we normally see those donky players being ranked 8000th to 9000th . Maybe PS school could become more strict like our schools used to be. "If u consistently keep on failing then u will fail the class". maybe after playing 25 -30 games if you are still ranked 8000th or above PS school could fail them and disqualify them for the month.I am saying just for the month(coz lets face it,they r not here to learn..they r here for fun). that way PS school could retain its good name and let us "players" who want some good competion in the table play peacefully and not see a 4k chips all in with AA being called by some doochebag with 56 o/s who has 15k chip stack who doesnt bother for the game just loves to call and suck out players. also how about put a cap on maximum numbers of game u can play a day? i see some looser players who waste 12 hours of their valuable day playing freerolls. that is not a healthy competion. let alone not being healthy for ur body sitting infront of ur PC for that long!! i know in most of the cases its good for us who dont play 6 freerolls a day because those who do are likely to get more negative than positive. but still the competition could be fierce if we do that. and about wasting time while making a decision. I am a hyprocrite because i also waste time because i see all the players do so to make money. that was not what PS school taught us to waste time in order to  reach money? hahah.
but its hard even for PS school to do something about time wasting. but i m just saying its unethical. neways..i knw lots of you out there will probably disagree with me ..but hey thats what i feel..ciao