A Lady, Learning, Loving, Living Texas Hold'em. Being very successful and sharing my tips of the trade to help others enjoy the greatest game in the world, Texas Hold'em,

The Rose 22
by The Rose 22 01/08/2012 06:24


I Love poker. I have always been competative as long as I can remember, and strive for perfection.
I have also always Loved playing games as well as being a numbers kinda gal.
So I figure Poker is a no brainer for a gal like me.
One fine weekend in September 2007 I was on a houseboat trip with some friends, which I had purchased at my son"s dry grad auction. A friend had an app on his phone called texas hold'em. He seemed pretty preoccupied with it. So I added the app to my phone and gave it a try. We were on the boat for 3 days, there were 5 level to beat in order to master the game. I played when I needed a break from the others, and by the 3rd day I had mastered all 5 levels and beat the game. Cool I thought, the friend had been on this for months and could not master it, so he was impressed. I dappled a little online after that for about 6 months at which time I moved to a job in the bush.  In 2009 a pub was holding tourneys, I jumped at the chance to book my days off work for that weekly night of poker out of town, what a blast, rented a room for only $35 a night, oldest running hotel in canada, in Nakusp, b.c.  I would take my chocolate Labrador Retriever , Rosebud with me, and we would have a girl's night out. I Love playing the game even more in person. I find it is a whole different playing field from the online poker. I have played a few house games for money as well, tourney style, and have made a pretty good profit. I have played a live tourney in Enderby b.c. twice now, it is a yearly event for a fellow poker player who has passed on. Only 60 seats available, but what a blast. First year I made the final table and finished in 6th. Last year I made the final table again, and placed 2nd, nice amount of cash in pocket to shop with. I have since moved out of that area to Mackenzie b.c. the great white north, land of opportunity, but you can be sure I will be going south for the tournament come spring. 
I have learned that one must have a lot of patience. 
Always protect your stack, that is your life line. 
There will always be an opportunity to grow your stack.
Growing your stack slowly is better than going crazy with bets and loosing large amounts of chips.
Being able to remain calm and not show tells of emotion is an asset.
Mixing up your playing and betting, will bewilder your fellow poker players.
Don't get to funky and spunky when you are big stack, it can shorten your life drastically.
Being a good sport always shows professional character, take a loss as a learning experience.
Enjoy the game, it all started in the name of fun, so have fun, I always have fun and enjoy myself, but I also know how to be serious about my play at the same time.
And lastley, it is never over, until it is over, so fight for your life till it's over, with patience of course.
Hope these tips of the trade help get you going in the greatest game on Earth.
My goal is to one day become a great Canadian Poker Star and Play with Daniel Negreanu as well as other great poker players. 
Thanks for reading my blog, Wishing you good luck, wisdom, health and prosperous poker.
The Rose 22

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